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Bobby Pahalad receives Division 1 MVP award from Mrs. Ferrier.
New York Softball Cricket League
Bobby Pahalad Took Season Premier Division MVP

By James Persaud
Dec. 17th, 2009
Last year was the first time in any softball cricket league there was a person winning cricketer of the year for two consecutive years. Bobby Pahalad made a name for himself by defeating the odds by conquering this feat in 2007 and 2008.

Bobby Pahalad took the NYSCL 2009 Premier Division –Season Most Valuable Player award. This year was a somewhat an off year for Bobby. Never the less he won many batting and bowling titles during the season.

He played at a level that kept his team in their games and his United Stars team making the playoffs in all three major competitions. His leadership has been at a very high level and he took his team to the Independence Cup final and lost.

In the competition where he didn’t win an award he was always in the top ten either in batting or bowling.

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