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Eon Ellis (right) and Bobby Pahalad (left) poses with their awards.
New York Softball Cricket League
Swashbuckling Eon, Flame Throwing Navin

By James Persaud
Dec. 17th, 2009
It is said that if you put a good product on the market the people will come. You could say this much about the Assassins cricket team, over a decade ago about 10 good friends came together and began to plan a softball cricket team.

By the end of 1997 the Assassins team was founded. After all these years and many championships the fans and supporters still keep on coming. You could ask yourself whose team is number one in softball cricket; you would be sure to hear the name Assassins mention. On this topic you will get an argument but it would worth the time, because you will hear some of the more interesting talks about the game.

In these days of very competitive sports marketing it is very difficult to keep a team together for too long. So like any other business there always have to be a head of the class and Eon Ellis and Navin Narine have stood tall and did exactly this for Assassins to stay together.

Veteran Navin Narine about to send down one. Photo by Shiek Mohamed.

Eon Ellis is a tall lanky hard hitting batsman who strokes the ball with power and has led the sport as one of the most demoralizing hitter. In the days when Assassins was destroying their opponents Eon was always one of the lead scorers for his team. He started playing the game at a very young age. At this young age he was regarded as the best fielder in the United States. He played in the Mini World Cup in Florida and the fans were mesmerized by his swiftness and dexterity.

As the team captain Eon will emphasize the importance of playing together as a team; he has been a leader while setting an example. Even to this day Eon is able to dominate and draw the crowd to a cricket game.

In 2007 Eon, Captain the Demerara team, in the NYSCL Guyana Inter County competition finals versus Berbice. When he received his winning trophy, he said that he is very happy the league was able to get this competition done. It has always been his dream to captain Demerara in any form of cricket and be the winning Captain.

Navin Narine a stalwart in softball cricket bowling, a big strong muscular pace bowler who would obliterate his opponent’s batsman. He is quick and is one of the smartest bowlers in the sport; it is as if he is studying his opponents as he would make fielding adjustments quite often. Sometime by doing this he would not let the batsman settle at the crease; breaking his concentration thereby he would make mistakes.

Over the years Navin has won many bowling awards and the later part of the ninety’s he was probably the best bowlers in the game. He captains the Assassins team for many years and is still one of the most successful (winning percentage) captains in the game. As he progresses in the game, his batting in the later part of his career has developed tremendously.

He has many valuable innings to be reckoned one of the best later ordered batsman. One of the team’s main successes over the years is that they are able to always keep a nucleus of players and build around them.

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