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Sunrise Blast Apollo Away

By Morris Seecharan

Oct. 14th, 2009
In the last regular game in the 20Twenty competition of the New York Softball League 2009 season, Sunrise blasted Apollo away to finish 4th in their division. For the 3rd consecutive time in the 2009 season Sunrise finished among the top 4 in their division, but in the previous two competitions did not advance past the quarter finals. However, this bunch of guys displayed higher confidence, determination and look ahead with optimism to the quarter final starting Sunday.

Deryck Basdeo struck a superb 46 against Apollo. While Javed Salim (below) hit a quick 31 not out.

Winning the toss, and after deliberation with his team, Sunrise captain, Deryck Basdeo decided that his guys will bat facing Apollo. Veteran, Selwyn Cheong took the strike with Roopnarine Dayal, who was bowled in the first over with the score at 3. Deryck Basdeo came to the crease and joined Selwyn, who looked settle, but was caught off an edge in the 5th overs with the score on 18. Apollo players looked thrilled celebrated these early wickets with high hopes for a first win in Division 1B.

Deryck, Sunrise runs manufacturer continued to lead his team once more holding the range of Sunrise offensive was joined by Shane Manbodh, who tacked on a quick 10 runs was bowled by Navin, one of Apollo penetrating bowlers, with the score at 40. Leonardo Vasquez, Sunrise vice captain came to bat showed patience, which is very opposite of batting style, holding an important end. Deryck who was fired up started to use the open field at Garrison Park in Brooklyn manhandling Apollo bowlers by executing strokes. At the 10th over Sunrise were 70 for 3 wickets and Deryck was in command, driving Sunrise run rate at 7 runs per overs.

After 50 runs partnership, Vasquez was caught for 13 off the bowing of C. Hodge when the score was 90 and in the 13th overs. In the next over Deryck was caught and fell shy of another half century hitting 46, which included 5 fours, and 7 doubles. This was yet another brilliant batting performance by Deryck, who with self determination steered his, team to another competitive score.

Harold Deokinanan, a player of uncapped cricket talent was joined by Javed Salim, who rocked Apollo bowlers with rocket blasted shots. Harold welcomed Johnny by slamming 3 consecutives fours to gas up the run rate. Javed ended Shawn bowling spell by rocketing him for two consecutive sixes, a four, and six to end his over. This pair stepped up the Sunrise run rate at full throttle reaching close to 8 run per over.

An Apollo support came by to check the score, and said, “Man where did Sunrise get these Cow Lashers pan”. This Apollo supporter was amazed by towering six strokes he witnessed looked joyfully entertained experiencing this ideal 20Twenty batting show cased by Javed and Harold. Harold hammered 20 runs before he was caught going after the bowlers in the 19 overs when the score was 139. Chocolate (Javed) who bat seems supercharged with rocket fuel blasted 31 not out, which includes 4 sixes and a four. With the score at 154 for 6 wickets at the 20th over Sunrise players looks assured that they have place themselves in a good position.

For Apollo Omesh bowled a conservative 4 overs, 1 maiden, 8 runs 1 wicket; Navin 4 overs, 25 runs, 3 wickets.

Omesh and Navin opened for Apollo as they look to put up a fight. In the 3rd over Navin pulled Deonarine straight back for six on a no ball. However, Deonarine got very agitated by this and clean bowl Navin the next ball with the score on 15. Javed in the next over took out Omesh with his first delivery. What followed was the crumbling of Apollo batsmen to Sunrise bowlers. With the exception of Avinash who stood around made 10 runs. There was no sign of a fight from Apollo batsman. In the midst of raining Apollo wicket falling at quick interval. Deonarine in 3 overs took 2 wickets for 12 runs. Stanly picked up 2 for 8 runs. Apollo batsmen looked puzzled at half time as the score read 42 for the loss of 5 wickets.

Apollo batsmen continued to look sluggish with no batting to boost their efforts. Harold Deokinanan came on the attack and in 1.3 overs he raked in 3 lightning wickets for 13 runs. Shane Manbodh chipped in 2 overs for 1 wicket, and allowed 11 runs. The combined bowling efforts by Sunrise simply wrecked this Apollo ship of batmen for 68 runs all out in 14.3 overs.

Looknauth Singh Hat-Trick Eliminates Essequibo XI
By JP Singh

On Sunday October 11th, 2009 - Seaview was again the hub of excitement and very much was anticipated as six teams in the 1B Division were competing for bragging rights. Wildfire cricket team with Manager J.P. Singh and both umpires Mr. Jackson and Wayne reported on time for the much awaited clash between Wildfire and Essequibo XI cricket team-of course with very high tension. The game started after 2:30pm with the Essequibo XI team using all kinds of tactics. Even when the toss was spun and won by the Essequibo XI captain, the start was further delayed as the Essequibo XI had a prolonged meeting for over thirty minutes although it was already late and conditions were great for cricket.

Nevertheless, Wildfire was asked to bat first, opening with Looknauth Singh and Tulsie Bhoodai. Runs were scored rapidly when in the six over; Looknauth was bowled by R. Britton for 12 runs at score of 45. Sunil Ractoo joined Tulsie who was striking the ball as usual, but was well caught at the long off boundary for a well played 30 runs at the score on 53. Captain Churaman Singh joined Ractoo but did not last long as he was also well caught at the long off boundary for 5 runs in the tenth over and the score on 66.

Wildfire score at the half time was 76 for three wickets; Vice Captain Amit Persaud belted 18 runs in an over with two effortless sixes and a four, but unfortunately was run out. Ronald Sukhu was caught for 3 runs, Devendra Bali hit two boundary in his 11 runs, Mukesh Narine was caught off a top edge, D Ram ran out for 1-when he fell going for a second run. Vinod Singh and Sanjay batted well for the last wicket, taking the score to 151 runs. Wildfire targeted score, Vinod made 15 runs and Sanjay 10 not out.

Bowling for Essequibo XI L. Sinclair took 3 for 33, C.Beaton 2 for 23, E .Martin, R. Britton and C. Johnson took 1 wicket each.

Essiquibo XI opened their innings with D. Hooper and C. Johnson with both batting and running well between the wickets. In the fourth over Johnson was bowled for 10 runs at the score on 27. C. Beaton joined D. Hooper who was middling and placing the ball very well, but was well ran out by Vinod Singh for a very well made 25 with the score on 37 in the 5th over. N. Collins joined Beaton with both batsmen again batting and running well between the wickets. At the half time Essequibo XI was 66 runs for 2 wickets on their way very much in overhauling Wildfire score of 151.

Just within the boundary, it cannot be denied and to see more exhilarating batting and very aggressive batting by Horizon Captain Orin Jackson and Linden Longhorn, it was furious at best as Longhorn made 88 runs and Orin made 50 runs not out. Putting possible the best partnership in the twenty20 competition of 142 runs for the fifth wicket, and by doing so winning won against Spartans total of 162 runs. It is also to be noted that Spartans had Horizon batting second at 10 runs for 4 wickets before Linden and Orin put on a master piece batting.

Going back to Essequibo innings after half time, Manager J.P. Singh had a meeting with Wildfire players who injected positive and serious cricket - and that I will not accept anything less, but a win in this particular game. C. Beaton and N. Collins continued scoring freely but was always below wildfire run rate but gettable with wickets in hand. In the 13th over, C. Beaton was caught for a well played 23 runs at the score on 83.

Captain Julian Holder joined N. Collins and also batted well until the former was bowled for 16 runs by Vinod Singh at the score on 105 and 2 runs later Collins was well ran out for a well played 30 runs. It was interested to note that Wildfire Captain C. Singh refused C. Beaton to run for N. Collins as verbal attacks were used, tension very high, umpires were unable to get Beaton off the field as play was held up for more than twenty minutes.

The runner was allowed and the game proceeded. D. Nedd was caught off Vinod Singh for naught in the same over, at the beginning of the 18th over Essequibo was 120 runs for 5 wickets, needing 32 runs in three overs after Amit bowled a good over for five runs. As had happened 2 weeks ago Looknauth Singh started the 19th overs with Essequibo XI needed 26 runs with four wickets in hand, action continued, Essequibo players and supporters very vocal, but Wildfire also had supporters, as Ranchers, Sheffield, Horizon and Spartans players stayed on to witness an exciting finish.

Looknauth Singh bowled a wide, bowled a second wide, this made me very uncomfortable when you expect the best, with 12 legal deliveries still to bowl and 21 runs to score with four wickets still in hand. The game is surely on R. Fraser shoulder who was on strike was comprehensively bowled by L. Singh for 6, making it 128 for 7, in came E. Martin and again bowled by Singh first ball, 128 for 8, with L. Singh on a second Hat-Trick in this Twenty20 competition, R. Brithon reluctantly walked to the wicket, took guard and ready to avoid third wickets to fall with consecutive balls, with his entire body blocking all the wickets.

But it happened, he was comprehensively bowled first ball, there was jubilation and sadness, happiness for Wildfire and all the spectators, but sadness for Essequibo. But L. Singh did not stop there; L. Sinclair avoided the helmet Trick scoring 1 runs. But J. Blackman was also bowled by Looknauth for a duck, giving Looknauth Singh 4 wickets in the 19 overs. All bowled, as Essequibo was bowled out for 129 runs in the 19 overs, giving wildfire win by 22 runs.

Bowling for Wildfire L. Singh, had figures of 4overs, 1maiden, 29 runs for 5 wickets, Vinod Singh, 4 overs, no maiden, 24 runs for 2 wickets, C.Singh 4overs, no maiden, 25 runs for 1 wicket.

NYSCL Match Summary
Division IA Premier
United Star Vs Hustlers

Hustlers 96 all out
Shawn 19, N. Greaves 17
F. Baichoo 4-10
United Star 98 For 6
R. Ivan 31, W. Ward 27, Bobby Pahalad 22
N. Briglall 3-19, Shawn 1-10

Triumph Vs Titans
Titans 121 for 8
D. Heralall 44, B. Ramkissoon 18
B. Deopaul 3-8, G. Pooran 2-24
Triumph 111 all out
B. Deopaul 34, B. Singh 27, R. Ramnauth 21
I. Ali 3-22, G. Heralall 2-20, B. Ramkissoon 2-10

Assassins Vs Country Boys
Assassins 130 for 6
Anand Singh 31, E. Ellis 28
D. Edwards 2-20, E. Chance 2-16
Country Boys 72 for 9
G. Leacock 20, I. Scipio 14
G. Chattergoon 5-5

Cavaliers Vs Mafia
Mafia 167 for 5
T. Hassan 42, R. Sugrim 30
G. Persaud, N. Sahadeo, R. Singh and V. Lall too 1 wkt each
Cavaliers 166 all out
G. Arjune 47, R. Singh 28
Vivky 2-32, Sankar 2-22

Division IIA
Wolfpack Vs NY Midrise

NY Midrise 85 all out
Mahendra 25, K. Persaud 18
Shazaman 3-12, W. Asrula 2-7
Wolfpack 90 for 4
Shazaman 26, K. Ramcharran 24n/o

Wakefield Vs Eagles
Eagles 127 all out
R. Gopaul 25, R. Durga 21
Sanjay 4-19, C. Gunraj 3-16, Navin 2-25
Wakefield 116 for 6
Khemraj 24, Sanjay 19 C. Gunraj 13
Alvin Gopaul 2-25

Division IIB
Strikers Vs Invaders

Strikers 101 all out
P. Singh 47, B. Kalika 20
P. Drickpaul 2-22
Invaders 91 all out
W. Valladares 17, P. Drickpaul 16
M. Ramjewan 4-12

Buccaneers Vs Justin Force
Buccaneers 130 all out
Bpysie 46, Mahandra 26
Dave 3-10, Paul 3-26, Rohan 2-15
Justin Force 110 for 8
Dave 31, Sunil 24
Vishnu 2-10, Ramesh 2-14, Boysie 2-31

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