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Liberty Knights Knockout Mafia

By Suresh Ramsaran
Oct. 29th, 2009
In the quarter-final match between Liberty Knights and Mafia in the NYSCL Twenty20 last Sunday, Mafia won the toss and asked Liberty Knights to bat. Liberty Knights begin their innings with Shan Singh (13) and Navin Persaud (23) the two put on an opening partnership of 45 runs. Batting at number three Ken Sanichar joined Navin and they took the score 76 before Navin was out for 23.

The next batsman was Brian Manniram who played some splendid shots driving and hitting the ball over the top in scoring a quick 28 including two sixes and three fours.
With the fall of Brian wicket, Ken took charge and speed up the scoring as the Knights was looking for a score well over 150, because in the last game between these two teams Mafia was the winner. After Ken was out for 27, Shawn (17) not out and Sham who did not get of the mark took the score to 154 for 6 in their allotted 20 overs. Bowling for the Mafia D. Samaroo took 2 for 17 and V. Sugrim 1 for 33.

Mafia started their reply with D. Samaroo and C. Lall, Lall was the first to depart and Vishal Singh join Samaroo and the two build a 24 runs partnership before Samraoo was out for 18 and the score on 50 for 2 wickets. Thakur (17) stayed with Singh who was stroking the ball well and with the score on 74 the third wicket fell. With the departure of Singh (35) no other batsman put up any real resistance as Andrew return in his second spell and claim three quick wickets and finish with match figures of 4 for 19 in his four overs. Andrew got good support from Walker who took 3 for 27 and Brian 2 for 16 to close the Mafia innings at 119 all out.

Liberty Knights team sponsored by Jaichand Jewelers will now have to wait and see which team their will take on in the semi-finals this coming Sunday.

N Y All-Stars Sweet Revenge Over Favored Wildfire
By Charles London

On Sunday October 25th New York All Stars pulled off a hard fought win over Wildfire on a fabulous day fit for cricket, in the first round of the playoffs in NYSCL Twenty20 competition. Upon winning the toss and electing to bat first, Wildfire scored a paltry 83 runs all out in their allotted 20 overs.  Solid resistance coming from T. Bloodai 32 runs and D. Bali 16 runs. Attributing to Wildfire's demise were accurate and fierce bowling by Oliver Sooman who took 3 wickets for 5 runs in his spell of 4 overs, and was well supported by Shiv Dharampaul 4 overs 14 runs 2 wickets for New York All Stars.
When New York All Stars took the crease Anthony Simmons with 7 runs and Shilendra Arjun 25 runs paved the way with a solid start.  New York All Stars reached the target 84 runs for 8 wickets from 16 overs. Other significant contributions were #9 Batsman Dave Singh 10 runs and #9 Raj Hemraj 15 runs, both not out.  Much credit must be given to NY All-Stars Captain Harry Jagernuth for effective leadership that carried his team to victory. Charles London is the Manager of New York All Stars cricket club.

Ryan and Deryck Calmed Waves with Prolific Batting
Morris Seecharan

On pleasant October day for cricket at Garrison Park in Brooklyn, cricketers from Waves and Sunrise team was seen sharpening their batting, bowling and fielding techniques with great expectation to move forward to Divisions 1B semis. The Sunrise players were all jokingly or seriously conversing what will be their faith in their 3rd consecutive quarter final for 2009. Precluding this year’s quarter final Sunrise was upset by Waves in the 2008 30 overs competitions.

Deryck Basdeo (top) and Ryan Ramjas (below). Photos by Loretta Cheong

Compounded in 2009 Sunrise was upset in the 25 overs by Canal, and the 30 overs by National. These are not pleasant memories to talk about as the Sunrise members consciously ponder the thought of getting the “Monkey off their backs”. However, this monkey was stubborn, as Sunrise winning the toss decided to send Waves to bat encountered rough Waves in the first half.

J. Ali and A. Mohamed opened for Waves with a running game plan, however the plan falters as A. Mohamed was run out in the 3rd over and the score at 10. A Gassa joined Ali and continued Waves running plan. Waves lost yet another early wicket as Ali hammered a ball straight back to bowler D. Singh, who leaped for the catch deflected the ball toward J. Salim who took a spectacular catch.

S. Bissoondial came up to bat with Gassa and continued to put the pressure on Sunrise fielders running quickly in between wickets. Bissoondial was caught with an obvious run at the batting end, but was saved by the square leg umpire who was a Waves player, since the league schedule umpire for Waves was not picked up. Bissoondial capitalized with his second batting spell at bat by leading his team offensive. Moving the ball around the park and hitting timely boundaries Bissoondial turned out to be the roughest Waves for Sunrise bowlers. Gassa was run out for 13 and N. Bassar came in but was bowled by L. Vasquez for 5. Bissoondial continued his effective batting keeping Waves run rate at 7 with K. Lilkumar, who was settling as well. Waves at the 10 over half was 70 for 4 looked amazingly rough for Sunrise to take on in their second half.

Faced with the situation of being swept away from the semis by Waves, Sunrise captain Deryck Basdeo along with team talked about restricting Waves to a low second half score. To start Dave bowled Lilkumar at 19, and breakup the partner with Bissoondial. However, the rest of the Waves batmen batted around Bissoondial as wickets were falling freely. Harold Deokinanan, Sunrise leading wicket taker in the 20Twenty was introduced in the second half would bowl Z. Khan for 9, who were the only material partner with Bissoondial Harold picked up the wicket Bissoondial at 49, who lead his team batting offensive. Waves were all bowled out for 127 in the 20th over. Once more Harold vital bowling kept his team in the game took 3 wickets for 25 runs. Dave contributed an outstanding spell took 2 wickets for 20 runs.

In response Sunrise open with Ryan Ramjas, and Kemraj Sital, but thing went chaotic quickly as Kemraj was bowled in first over by L. Bisram and the score at 4. Waves celebrate this early wicket with roar, sounding like a storming wave ready to wash away the Sunrise team once more from a quarter final.
Deryck Basdeo, Sunrise captain and their leading runs producer for the 20/Twenty joined the General (Ryan). Ryan Sunrise captain for 2008 and the first 2 competition in 2009 lead his team the series of quarter final mentioned above. However, with great misfortune felled short to move his team forward. It was most fitting that Ryan was with Deryck at the crease to remove a plight, the curse, or getting the monkey of their back, so the Sunrise team can move forward to the semis. Ryan along with Deryck would team up with resolve, resilient and commitment displayed prolific batting skills to fight for their team.

Ryan and Deryck batting started to bat in 5the ball in the 1st over, and like partners planned that they need to settle and keep scoring. Running fast single and doubles between the wickets they keep the run rate ticking between 5 to 6 runs per over in the early overs. They both was selecting their shots, and executing them with posture. With prominence and style Ryan and Deryck shaped up a partnership that keep growing and growing with the Sunrise players and supports relishing what they were seeing. Deryck seems to be the guidance counsel for Ryan, who started to assault Waves bowlers with boundaries. One can see the frustration on Waves bowlers who was bowling their hearts out, but with no success against this pair. Ryan and Deryck seem like they were toying with the Waves bowler with the many reverse sweep shots they executed. Deryck holding an end guiding the General, the “Hit Man”’ took their team to 59 for 1 at the 10 over half, and partnership of 55 runs.

Returning to bat in the second half Deryck and Ryan know that they have to pick up the run rate as they needed 6.8 runs per over to win. With a bang they started 11 overs as Raco Rishideo was tag for 12 runs, the Sunrise crowd gone wild. Ryan continued to be the aggressive batsman with a full repertoire of shots includes the backward sweep, which he was using with success. We all know Ryan was capable of batting at this magnitude, but has been a while since his Sunrise teammates witness this. Deryck batting was no surprise as he did not falter in any of the games in the 20Twenty, and he was instrumental in giving way to Ryan to be the aggressor.

At the 15 overs and the score at 98 Ryan and Deryck was close to a 100 runs partnership. The crowd was now calling for ending the game. Ryan and Deryck would tag G. Gasa for 12 runs and took the score to 112 in the 16th over. In the 18 over with 2 runs to tie Ryan blasted a 6 to win the game, which was reverse by the umpire to 2 due to boundaries setting agreement. With the game tied Ryan executed the winning shot but was caught off the bowling of L. Bisram, who was 2 for 20. Ryan had proved that he wants to move his team to the semis, and most importantly he depleted the waves bowling along with Deryck to make this happened. With a 58 runs knock including 5 fours, and partnership of 123 with Deryck it was scripted performance from Ryan and for his teammates to experience. Deryck gratified his teammates once more made an impeccable 38 runs with 2 fours, not out finished the win for Sunrise at the score of 129 for 2 in 18.2 overs.

It was powerful batting performance by Ryan and Deryck, and a long awaited quarter final victory for Sunrise. This bunch of guys can now safe fully say that the “Monkey is off their backs” with their eye set on the semi final next Sunday.

NYSCL Match Summary:
Division IA Premier
Liberty Knights Vs Mafia

Liberty Knights 154 For 6
Brian Manniram 28, Ken Sanichar 27, N. Persaud 23, Shawn 17
D. Samaroo 2-17, V. Sugrim 1-33
Mafia 119 all out
V. Singh 35. D. Samaroo 18
Andrew 4-19, Walker 3-27, B. Manniram 2-16

Hustlers won Vs Cavaliers
Assassins won Vs Country Boys (game in protest)
United Star won Vs Untouchables (game in protest)

Division IB
NY All-Star won Vs Wildfire
Master Blaster won Vs Better Hope
Sheffield won Vs Spartans
Sunrise won Vs Waves

Division IIA
Champions Vs Eagles

Eagles 103 all out
P. Mohan 24n/o
Rampersaud 4-11, R. Rajcomar 2-19
Champions 104 for 6
T. Mohamed 27, Ramjewan 15, M. Boodhoo 15
R. Gopaul 3-17

Wolfpack Vs NY Midrise
Wolfpack 136 for 8

C. Velidum 61, A. Shazaman 17, K. Ramcharran 17
Rohan Kowlessar 4-16, Rohit Kowlessar 2-12
NY Midrise 32 all out
Romel 6
D. Autar 3-9, W. Asrula 2-6, R. Baichoolall 2-0
Wakefield won Vs Unpredictable
Lions won Vs Unity

Division IIB
Young Warriors Vs Invaders

Young Warriors 65 all out
V. Beresford 12, G. Sarwan 11
Seodat 4-8, N. Bickram 3-8, W. Valladares 2-3
Invaders 71 for 6
P. Drickpaul 15, P. Valladares 13, R. Budram 11
S. Dindayal 3-12

Flasherz Vs Justin Force

Flasherz 150 for 9
Kumar 53, R. Narayan 47, Rajiv 10
Rabin 2-21, Elvis 2-45
Justin Force 78 all out
Mike 27, Sunil 15, Philip 13
Robin 2-8, R. Narayan 2-13, C. Sookwan 2-21

Strikers won Vs Rising Sun
Young Brothers won Vs Buccaneers

15 Over Knockout
Division I

Triumph won Vs Volcano
Essequibo XI won Vs Ranchers
Horizon won Vs Nationals
Titans won Vs Braveheart

Division II
Falcons won Vs Young West Indies
Ravens won Vs Legends
Cricket Internationals got the bye week

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