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The Last Chance To Stick A Claim

By James Persaud
Oct. 7th, 2009
In the last round of the qualifying games for the New York Softball Cricket League Twenty20 Mini World Cup competition, that will be played on Sunday. This could be the final and a closure for many teams 2009 season. Looking at the standing there is still a wide open field for many teams to stick a claim for a playoffs spot and a few who could say stick a fork in me I am done.

By the time the sun sets on Sunday afternoon eighteen teams, season will have come to an end. The remaining team will move on to the playoffs and by the following Sunday another sixteen teams will join them, a group big enough for a grand Halloween party. A Halloween party might be right since some time the cricket game gets very scary all in a quest of winning. The remaining teams will be clashing heads in hope of winning it all by the grand finale on November 1st where the ball by ball announcer will be calling the game for the last time in the 2009 season.

The playoffs looked poised for another very competitive three weeks of cricket, there are a few disappointed teams who will be watching and maybe could make better plans for the 2010 season. Then there are the teams who have stuck together and build and continue to win, many might not win a championship but at least they stayed together and made it to the end. It is hard to predict who or which team stands a chance to win their division because the players are changing teams so often.
With two of the season competitions awards list completed there are a few new names to receive awards at the Annual Awards Presentation night December 12th 2009 at the Mangoville Banquet hall.

Harold, Vasquez, and Deryck stars in defeating New York All Stars
By Hargobin Singh

On a day for lovely cricket Sunrise wallop New York All-Stars for their third win in the Twenty20 competition last Sunday at 150th and Conduit oval. Sunrise captain, Deryck Basdeo won the toss, and asked NY All Stars to bat. The opening pair R. Deodat and S Arjune looked sharp against Sunrise opening bowlers, the pair made 19 runs before Arjune was caught off the bowling of Stanley Lloyd in the second over. Deodat joined by A. Simmons went after the Sunrise bowlers up to the 9th over as Deodat was bowled by Deryck for 28 runs, which include 1 six, and 4 fours and score at 58.

Sunrise cricket club.

NY All Stars at the 10 over half was 68 for the loss of 2 wickets, and its players looked poised with gloating confidence that this game was in their win column. Most importantly, Sunrise bowlers knew that their task was to take wickets, and bring down the run rate. Well Simmons who took the range of NY All-Star batting offensive continue to tack on runs joined by R Wilson (11 runs) and Harry Jaggernauth (15 runs). Harold Deokinanan asked to bowl by his skipper took his tasks to heart. Like a Goblin he gobbled up four quick wickets and sucked the air out of NY All-Star second half momentum. Harold bagged 4 wickets for 13 runs in 3.5 overs. At this interval the loud noised from NY All Star corner suddenly was less loud and their big second half boastful plan with 8 wickets on hand ended with NY All Star at 134 for 9 in 20 overs. This score seen by them as a winning total, but it turn out to be no challenge for the Sunrise batsmen.

Ryan Rajas and Seeram Persaud opened the Sunrise inning but with the score at 6 Seeram were bowled by Mahendra Jagroop. The captain Deryck Basdeo joined Ryan (The General) and took the score to 37 when the next batsman was sent walking back to the pavilion cleaned bowled by O. Sooman. NY All Stars seems in control and looked very confident at this point.

Harold Deokinanan

With Deryck still at the crease, he was joined by Shane Manbodh, Leonardo Vasquez, and Harold Deokinanan the NY All Star bowlers experienced the painfully torture which seems as sweet joy to the Sunrise team and supporters looking on. These four batsmen showed no mercy to the NY All Star bowlers. As they displayed blistering strokes after strokes and thrilled the crowed present.

It was as joy to watch these batsmen using all parts of the field. The All Stars fielders kept running in and out of the boundaries while their bowlers seems mediocre to the batsman. After the 10th over, Sunrise was on 80 for the loss of 3 wickets. Shane blasted 17 with 3 fours and a six before he was caught with the score at 56. Vasquez made a lightning 31 with 3 sixes and 2 fours and was caught with the score at 90. Deryck who tied with Vasquez for top score made 31 with 2 fours and a six, and carefully batted around his batsmen and was the 5th and last wicket to fall in the 15 overs and the score at 114.

With hope as no expectation for the NY All Stars, the last of the foursome Harold, who is the Most Valuable Player of this match, made a powerful 22 runs not out with 2 sixes, and a four. He guided this win home for Sunrise with Khemraj Sital to a final score 135 for 5 in 16 overs. The Sunrise batsmen sent the Stars pitching with their splendid performance. This Sunrise team of guys on Sunday proved that they are prepared to compete with the other teams in this division.

Wildfire Blazed Volcano Out for Paltry 38 runs
By J.P. Singh

Last Sunday there was not very much anticipated between Wildfire and Volcano, because of the recent track records of both teams? In the 25 overs competition, Wildfire was first in the ranking of the regular season game but was defeated by eight place Titans in the very first quarter final. Wildfire reached second place in the 30 overs competition and was again defeated in the first round of the playoffs game by sixth place Cotton Field over hauling wildfire 213 runs.

 Again Wildfire is among the front runner of the Twenty20 Mini World Cup competition first concluded fourth round. Front runners with Wildfire are, Master Blaster led by the veteran Satro Seeraj, Sheffield led by Mr. Dotson (Blue) and Sunrise led again by the old veterans Hargobin Singh and his assistant Morris.

Well, division 1B is again leading for a very competitive and exciting finish. J.P. Singh, Manager of Wildfire Cricket Club, is hoping that his boys run the full race and pass the winning pole first- winning the Mini World Cup and not stopping short as with the two previous competitions.

 Now, going back to the fourth round last Sunday, it was sunny and bright, ideal for cricket. Volcano won the toss and chooses to bat first, opening with Captain Shawn Singh and A. Persaud; both batsmen were very cautious making 16 runs in 5 overs-as Wildfire bowling was direct on target and the fielding very tight. My friends Robin and Shawn threatened me and promised to upset my team by making 170 runs and beyond and Wildfire cannot win the runs. Wildfire and Volcano are both natural disasters and can be very destructive when struck by their own. I urge my players not to make Volcano erupt as fire is fighting fire-and what transpired in the next eight over’s, was total destruction at the highest level.

At 16 without loss in the 5th over, Volcano was bowled out for a paltry 38 runs in the 14th over with extras being top score with 12 runs. There was a steady procession with wickets falling at 16, 17, 18,18,21,25,30,33,34, and 38. First Captain Shawn Singh was bowled by Vinod Singh for 3. Only M. Hussein stood around for 10 runs but was brilliantly ran out by Vinod Singh. Captain Churaman Singh was virtually unplayable with figures of 4 overs 2 maidens 4 runs and 2 wickets. Also doing damage with the ball was Looknauth Singh 2 for 7, Amit 1 for 2, Vinod 2 for 12 and Sunil Ractoo 1 for 12.

 Wildfire opened their innings with Sunil Ractoo and Looknauth Singh. Ractoo scored 19 runs in the first over bowled by A. Persaud; L. Singh made 10 but was bowled by M. Hussein. But veteran Ronald Sukhu and S. Ractoo reached the target for Wildfire 41 for 1 in 3.4 overs with Ractoo 22 not out and Sukhu 6 not out, giving wildfire a win by 9 wickets.

WolfPack Ease To Victory Over Unpredictable
By Dev Autar

Wolfpack won the toss and without hesitation batted first. At the end of 10 overs Wolfpack was well place at 88 for 5 with opener A. Shazaman making a fast 19. When play resume Wolfpack lost the wicket of Dev Autar for a well made 19. With the score 88 for 6, R. Baicholall came to the crease and hit four massive six to finish with an exciting 35 runs. Anand Hargobin batted patiently for his 28 runs and was well supported by Vinod Chandrapaul 15 not out. Wolfpack finish their innings on 165 for 8. Bowling for Unpredictable Ramnarine 3 for 22, A. Chaitram and K. Khemraj grab 2 wickets each.

Chasing huge total, Unpredicable batsmen was unable to settle down because of the brilliant fielding as Wolfpack executed three run outs. A. Chaitram was the only batsman to show any resistance making a well played 32 runs. K. Khemraj and Raymond Bacchus were the only other batsmen to reach double figures with 13 and 10 respectively. Unpredictable was eventually bowled out for 92 runs in 18 overs. Bowling for Wolfpack W. Asrula took 3 wickets for 12 runs, Abdool Deen 2 for 14, A. Shazaman 1 for 7 and Dev Autar 1 for 22. Wolfpack run their record to 3 wins and 1 loss.

NYSCL Match Summary:
Division IA Premier
Cavaliers Vs Liberty Knights

Liberty Knights 129 all out
K. Sanichar 33, Mangru 16, B. Manniram 12
E. Sahadeo 3-25, R. Singh 2-18, M. Persaud 2-16, N. Sahadeo 2-16.
Cavaliers 130 for 9
G. Arjune 24, M. Persaud 23, E. Sahadeo 18
S. Singh 3-6, Walker 3-22

United Stars Vs Mafia

United Stars 127 for 7
W. Ward 35, A. Singh 23, F. Baichoo 21
R. Etwaroo 2-17, P. Thakur 2-20.
Mafia 88 all out
T. Hassan 25, A. Beharry 16
T. Ramoutar 3-12, F. Baichoo 2-13, Bhola Pahalad 2-13, S. Kayoon 2-11.

Hustlers Vs Country Boys

Country Boys 94 for 8
D. Edwards 35, G. Drew 17
P. Beria 3-12
Hustlers 96 for 7
N. Greaves 29, P. Beria 22.
Eubie 3-18, D. Edwards 2-12.

Triumph Vs Braveheart

Triumph 77 all out
C. Lumelino 23, P. Churaman 14
Ravi 3-8, Omesh 2-9
Braveheart 79 for 1
K. Khemlall 36n/o, R. Deodat 34n/o
R. Bindnarine 1-8

Division IB
Wildfire Vs Volcano

Volcano 38 all out
M. Hussein 10
Churaman Singh 2-4, L. Singh-2 -7, V. Singh 2-2, Amit-1-2, Sunil 1-12.
Wildfire 41 for 1
Sunil Ractoo 22 n/o, L, Singh 10, R. Sukhu 6n/o
Better Hope won Vs Apollo XI
Waves won Vs Ranchers
Essequibo XI loss Vs Sheffield
Master Blaster won Vs Horizon
Spartans won Vs Canal

Division IIA
Unpredictable Vs Wolfpack

Wolfpack 165 for 8
R. Baicholall 35, A. Hargobin 28, A. Shazaman 19, D. Autar 19.
B. Ramnarine 3-22, A. Chaitram and K. Khemraj took 2 wkts each
Unpredictable 92 all out
M. Doekoo 32, K. Khemraj 13
W. Asrula 3-12, A. Deen 2-14

Ravens Vs NY Midrise

NY Midrise 104 for 7
Eric 45, Rohit 13
R. Williams 2-17, S. Sawh 2-22
Ravens 97 for 5
Autar 28, S. Dilchand 26
K. Persaud 2-12, Mickey 1-14

Division IIB
Strikers Vs Cricket Intl.

Strikers 152 for 8
M. Latchman 46, R. Munilall 24
V. Williams 2-19, S. Mohabir 2-23, K. Williams 2-46
Cricket Intl. 43 all out
Prame Singh 4-15, B. Bhadrasain 2-17

Flasherz Vs Buccaneers
Flasherz 119 all out
R. Narayan 35, A. Punai 17
Chan, Ramesh and Boysie took 2 wkts each
Buccaneers 44 all out
Vishnu 15
R. Dindayal 4-17, R. Narayan 2-6

Falcons Vs Invaders

Falcons 112 for 9
Vick 29, Arif 12
R. Bacchus 3-16, A. Drickpaul 3-11
Invaders 114 for 4
W. Valladares 36n/o, P. Valladares 28, A. Drickpaul 15n/o
N. Bipat 2-18, Ejas 2-18

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