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Country Boys Outlast Untouchables On Opening Day of Mini World Cup

By Ivor Chan

Sept. 16th, 2009

On the first day of New York Softball Cricket League 2009 Mini World Cup competition sponsored by Mike Bansi, Country Boys defeated Untouchables in a closely contested game. The result was not known until the 40th over of the game. Untouchables batted first, putting up a good score of 131 runs for 9 wickets in their 20 overs.

Their batting attack was spearheaded by Sunil Panday (46 runs), Danny Seepersaud (31 runs) and Augustus Gordon (16 runs). The pick of the bowlers for Country Boys were Ivor Chan 6 wickets for 11 runs and Ricky Edwards with 2 wickets for 6 runs.

Country Boys began their chase with Garcia Leacock (15 runs) and Tony Fernandez (35 runs) scoring often with boundaries and quick running between the wickets. Other good contributions with the bat came from A. Austin and Derrick Edwards 11 runs each, Y. Giddings 12 runs and Ricky Edwards 13 runs. A tremendous spell of bowling by R. Chunilall (6 wickets for 22 runs) of Untouchables that kept his team in the game; also Danny Seepersaud 1 wickets for 19 runs and R. Barron 1 wickets for 16 runs.

Deryck Basdeo, captain of Sunrise.

Both Anand Singh (top) of Assassins and Mike Persaud (below) of Cavaliers struck fifties as their team met last weekend.
(Photos by Tani Mohamed)

Sunrise Bowlers kept Volcano Bats quiet for their first Twenty20 victory
By Prataab Seecharan

Sunrise bowlers opened the Twenty20 competition quieting Volcano bats, keeping them at a low score. Javed Salim and new member Harold Deokinanan started Sunrise bowling very stingy allowing 13 run in 4 overs. Harold saw the run out of Shawn Singh who looked sharp by hitting a four to get off the mark and this was the beginning of the freefall of Volcano wickets. The first change bowler Leonardo Vasquez picked up consecutive wickets in his first, second, and third overs really quieted Volcano bats. Vasquez bowled an immaculate 4 over spell with 1 maiden, 15 runs, and 3 wickets, this kept Volcano to 33 runs for the loss of 5 wickets. Vasquez bowling painted what would finally be a grim outcome for Volcano batting.

In addition Stanley Lloyd 2 overs for 10 runs and new member Shane Manbodh 2 overs for 6 runs were both stingy as well. New member Quacy Duran showed exceptional talent in his bowling spell he finish with 2 overs, 6 runs, 1 wicket. The star bowler for this game was Deryck Basdeo, Sunrise new captain. Deryck took two maiden wickets in his first over, and another in his 3rd over. Deryck bowled 3 over, 1 maiden 5 runs, and took 3 wickets, which sealed the faith for Volcano batsman.

Most importantly Sunrise captain Deryck Basdeo bowled at the 7th spot was very instrumental in rotating his #1 to #6 bowlers. He did not leave any one of his bowler to be exposed for too long. His strategy on not allowing Volcano batsman to see too much of one Sunrise bowler was vital in keeping a low scoring. This made Volcano batsmen not relaxed and they was never able to settle at the batting crease. Volcano managed to score 69 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in 20 overs. W. Husain made 18, V. Persaud 10, and it was a remarkable safe batting by Rajin Suku (6 runs), and young K. Singh (5 runs) to save their wickets to the end.

Sunrise reply but their opening pair did not fear well. Sunrise found them losing their opening pair quickly at 11 runs. The spirit of the Volcano emerged quickly, with all players looking vibrant with optimism that they have a game on hand.

However, Deryck Basdeo and Shane Manbodh quickly turn the pressure back on Volcano by paring up a 50 runs partnership. Shane showed the twenty20 quick run batting style by hitting fours and sixes brought about tremendous jubilation to the Sunrise members. Skipper Deryck Basdeo contributed a patient 14 run knock retire so he can see his new player bat showed class.

Shane continued with his onslaught of Volcano bowlers bringing Sunrise an opening day first victory for the start of the twenty20 competition. Shane scored a quick 33 runs knock which include 2 fours, 2 sixes, and 3 doubles. His batting dazzled Volcano bowlers and propelled Sunrise to 71 runs win in 9.3 over for the loss of 3 wickets. Mentionable Volcano bowlers V. Subryan 3 overs, 22 runs, 2 wickets; W. Husain 2 overs, 12 runs, 1 wicket.

NYSCL Twenty20 Match Summary:
Division IA Premier
Assassins Vs Cavaliers

Cavaliers 175 for 9 wkts
M. Persaud 61, G. Arjune 26
E. Ellis 2-19, G. Chattergoon 2-30
Assassins 180 for 6 wkts
Anand Singh 53, E. Ellis 52, R. Knight 29
G. Persaud 2-26, R. Singh 1-30

Untouchables Vs Country Boys
Untouchables 131 for 9
S. Panday 46, D. Seepersaud 31, A. Gordon 16.
Ivor Chan 6-11, R. Edwards 2- 6.
Country Boys 133 for 9 in 19.3 overs
T. Fernandez 35, G. Leacock 15, R. Edwards 13.
R. Chunilall 6-22, D. Seepersaud 1-19, R. Barron 1-16.

United Star Vs Triumph
United Star 150 for 8 wkts
W. Ward 37, R. Ivan 22, S. Kayoon 17
Khemraj 3-23, Richardo 2-22. G. Pooran 2-29
Triumph 69 for 7 wkts
R. Ramnauth 32, B. Deopaul 13.
Bobby, Bhola, Frankie, Kayoon, Ivan and Sookraj took 1 wkt each

Brian Maniram 29 would help Liberty Knights defeat Titans.
(Photo by Tani Mohamed)

Liberty Knight Vs Titans
Liberty Knight 132 for 9 wkts
B. Manniram 29, D. Mangroo 27
Titans 74 for 9 wkts
Walker 5-13.
Nationals’ loss Vs Hustlers
Liberty Knight won Vs Titans

Division IB
Better Hope Vs Essequibo XI

Better Hope 81 for 9 wkts
K. Sanichar 29, M. Mahabir 12
C. Johnson 3-10, Martin 2-21
Essequibo XI 83 for 4 wkts
F. Guliver 31, J. Holder 25 n/o
C. Rajpaul, F. Razack and C. Rahaman took 1 wkt each

Sunrise Vs Volcano
Volcano 69 for 9 wkts
W. Hussain 18.
D. Basdeo 3-5, L. Vasquez 3-15.
Sunrise 71 for 3 wkts
S. Manbodh 32 n/o, D. Basdeo 14.
V. Subryan 2-22

Canal Vs Sheffield
Sheffield 171 for 3 wkts
C. Richmond 82, W. Crackwell 31 n/o, M. Persaud 26
R. Baldeo, P. Hariprashad and S. Sukram took 1 wkt each
Canal 61 for 7 wkts
D. Singh 18, R. Baldeo 17.
E. Dotson 2-13, E. Bascomb 2-14, C. Richmond 2-15

Division IIA
Champions Vs Wolfpack
Champions 82 all out
R. Seepersaud 24 n/o, I. Mohamed 12
Deen 4-28, D. Autar 3-17, A. Mowla 2-9
Wolfpack 85 for 5 wkts
K. Ramcharran 25, A. Hargobin 19, A. Deen 12 n/o
R. Seepersaud 3-9, I. Ramwaud 2-6

Division IIB
Falcons Vs Legends

Falcons 94 all out
Azam Khan 42, Arif Harun 12
De. Morrison 3-11, Nagamottoo 3-14, D. Morrison 2-17
Legends 82 all out
D. Morrison 19, Rajin 16, Ramnaught 11
N. Nauratan 3-14, D. Rampersaud 2-15.

Strikers Vs Rising Sun
Rising Sun 95 for 9 wkts
R. Itwaru 14, A. Jailall 14, M. Somia 11
P. Singh 2-13, H. Mangroo 2-17, K. Ibrahim 2-19
Strikers 96 for 9 wkts
Baio Kalika 43, H. Mangroo 19
R. Itwaru 2-12, A. Jailall 2-17, J. Rampersaud 2-19

Young Brothers Vs Flasherz
Flasherz 87 all out
Rocco 24, Randy 17, Kumar 11
T. Dhanraj 3-19
Young Brothers 88 for 3 wkts
V. Gunga 40, N. Tiwari 23 n/o, T. Dhanraj 10.
Randy 2-12, Rocco 1-35

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