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All-Rounder Ricky Edwards Drown Liberty Knights

By Ivor Chan

Sept. 24th, 2009
In the second round of New York Softball Cricket League 2009 Mini World Cup Tewnty20 sponsored by Mike Bansi, Country Boys defeated Liberty Knights in a game where defense rein supreme.

Liberty Knights won the toss and send Country Boys into bat, the decision seemed to be the correct call. Country Boys batsmen found runs to be a scarce commodity. Liberty Knights bowlers bowled a steady aggressive line which reduces the batsmen to only singles. Country Boys had scored 44 runs at the end of ten over interval.

After the break Country Boys batsmen began to attack and it paid big dividend, it was mostly thankful to some aggressive batting by Derek Edwards (21 runs) and valuable contribution by Andrew Jerrick (16 not out) and Ricky Edwards (11 not out). Country Boys ended their innings at 115 for 5 in 20 overs. Bowling for Liberty Knights Andrew, Walker, Raj and Shawn took 1 wicket each.

Liberty Knights may have considered the small total an easy target. The batsmen started out attacking the bowlers as to confirm that the runs would be got easily. They took 11 runs off the second over and were trying to burst the game wide open. But Country Boys captain had other plans; a change in bowlers soon brought the break through. Liberty Knights batsmen now started to find runs hard to come by.

A patient S. Singh (25 runs) kept Liberty Knights in the early part of the game and gallant Brian Manniram (19 runs) in the latter stage of the game. But Country Boys was able to pull the game back and Liberty Knights was 54 run at the ten over break. After the break Country Boys applied the pressure led by a fiery spell by Ricky Edwards (4 wickets) who had 3 wickets in one over. In the end the stifling pressure applied by Country Boys bowlers reduces the Knights to only scoring 45 runs in the second half. Liberty Knights ended their innings at 99 for 8 in 20 overs. Country Boys bowling was led by Ricky Edwards 4 for 15, Andrew Jerrick 2 for 8 and Ivor Chan 1 for 11.

Essequibo X1 Dim The Light On Sunrise Batsman
By Morris Seecharan

The last time these two teams met in the regular 30 Cup over competition it was a sunshine day which ended up with rain storm, but this did not stop both teams to collectively scored 400 plus runs. In that last game batsmen for both Essequibo X1 and Sunrise were sparkly lit like lightning and balls were racing across boundaries line. However, Sunrise chasing 212 runs fell short by 12 runs batting in the rain.

Last Sunday Twenty/20 Mini World Cup game played at Seaview Park in Brooklyn, Essequibo X1 won the toss and without hesitation send in Sunrise to bat. Experiencing that the Sunrise team was capable of chasing runs; Essequibo X1 came up with a game plan to dim the light on Sunrise batsman. In the first ball of the game Essequibo XI keeper appealed for a strong caught behind, delaying the game with all right but the ruling umpire with consultation with square leg did not give an out. Well on the second ball Sunrise opening batsman give what appeared to be straight back catch to the Essequibo XI opening bowler E. Martin and was given out with the score at 0 runs. The second of Essequibo XI opening bowler R. Britton picket up the second opening batsman in his first ball of his first over and Sunrise was 2 wickets for 4 runs. Sunrise captain, Derrick Basdeo batting at third down could not believe what he was seeing when E. Martin came right back and pick up Sunrise 3rd wicket with the score at 8 runs. This was the beginning for what will be the dimming of the lights on Sunrise batsman.

Derrick Basdeo taking control looked like he would be able to shed some light for Sunrise batting. Batting with Roopnarine Dayal they manage a 30 runs partnership which ended with the unfortunate run out of Dayal at the score at 38 in 7th over, and the 4th wicket down. At the end of 10th over Sunrise was at 45 runs for the loss of 6 wickets. As Derrick continue to bat in the second half things did not brighten up as Sunrise continue to lose wickets. At this point it appears that the Sunrise captain, Derrick will be the lone man standing at the end. Unfortunately with Deryck at 31 runs and in the 13 over he was caught off the bowling of R. Siniliar. Sunrise saw their only light of this game blanked out at the score of 65 runs and the 9 wicket down. Kemraj Sital batting at 11th score a significant 7 runs not out to give Sunrise a total of 72 runs all out in 15.3 over.

In reply, Essequibo X1 opening pair C. Beaton and Julian Holder started racing to finish this small total, they were poised at 19 in 3 overs. Captain Deryck introduce himself and Leonard Vasquez helped to keep Essequibo XI batting to a low run rate. The spin bowling at this point proved to stabilize the game as the Essequibo XI opening pair find it hard to score. However, Sunrise missed early opportunities by dropping both Essequibo X1 opening pairs at a low score and missed run outs which came back to very decisive in this game. In a game where bowling was the world of difference for both teams, Sunrise bowler showed class by putting up a fight to defend their low score.

Essequibo X1 lost their first wicket Julian Holder who made 12 runs with the score on 38 in the 9th over. Sunrise bowlers continued to give a fight keeping Essequibo X1 batsman to a low run rate. C. Beaton the main treat for Essequibo who made 30 was finally out via run out in the 13 overs. However at this point Essequibo XI was cruising to victory. In the 15.2 over D. Hooper who made 15 runs end the game when he struck a four, which bring the Essequibo total to 75 runs for the loss of 3 wickets, and victory well deserved.

Eon Ellis of Assassins struck his second half century of the competition.

Essequibo X1 mentionable bowling: E. Martin 4 overs, 17 runs, 2 wicket; C. Johnson 2.3 overs, 12 runs, 3 wickets; R. Siniliar: 3overs, 1, maiden, 13 runs, 2 wickets.
Sunrise mentionable bowling: H. Deokinanan 3 over, 10 runs, 1 wicket; Shane Manbodh 3 overs, 13 runs, 1 wicket; L. Vasquez 3 overs, 7 runs.

NYSCL Match Summary:
Division IA Premier
United Star Vs Untouchables

Untouchables 85 all out
S. Panday 20, D. Seepersaud 12
F. Baichoo 3-8, Bobby Pahalad 2-9.
United Star 86 for 5
W. Ward 40 n/o, R. Bally 11.
R. Evelyn 3-22, N. Seepersaud 2-18.

Frankie Baichoo of United Stars had figures of 3 for 8 against Untouchables.

Assassins Vs Nationals
Nationals 80 all out
F. Ulla 29, H. Ramkarran 13.
L. Mohan 3-12, S. Dilchand 2-6.
Assassins 84 for 1 wkt
E. Ellis 50 n/o, V. Rameshwar 23
F. Ulla 1-25

Triumph Vs Cavaliers
Cavaliers 158 for 8
G. Arjune 54, Prashad 19
Robin 2-25, G. Pooran 2-28, Kenny 2-39
Triumph 118 all out
R. Murray 34, G. Pooran 14, Robin 13.
G. Persaud 3-15, M. Sahadeo 2-21.

Liberty Knight Vs Country Boys
Country Boys 115 for 5
D. Edwards 21, A. Jerrick 16 n/o, G. Waithe 12
Andrew 1-10,Walker 1-24, Raj 1-19, Shawn 1-26
Liberty Knights 99 for 8 in 20 overs
S. Singh 25, B. Manniram 19 and N. Pasaud 10
R. Edwards 4-15, A. Jerrick 2 - 8, Ivor Chan 1-11.
Mafia won Vs Titans
Hustlers won Vs Braveheart

Division IB
Better Hope Vs Ranchers

Better Hope 122 for 8
M. Mahabir 30, F. Razack 23, J. Mahabir 14.
M. Singh 2-13, P. Paul 2-18, N. Singh 2-28.
Ranchers 127 for 6
P. Paul 34, J. Singh 24 n/o, N. Mahabir 14.
T. Sanichar 3-20, C. Rajpaul 1-20, K. Rajpaul 1-14.

Sunrise Vs Essequibo XI
Sunrise 72 all out
D. Basdeo 31.
C. Johnson 3-12, R. Sinclair 2-13, E. Martin 2-17.
Essequibo XI 75 for 3
C. Beaton 30, D. Hooper 15, J. Holder 12.
H. Deokinanan and S. Manbodh 1 wkt each
N Y All-Star won Vs Spartans
Wildfire won Vs Canal

Division IIA
Wolfpack Vs P M All-Star

Wolfpack 114 all out
K. ramcharran 46, R. Baicholall 20, A. Hargobin 17
Beta Ramdin 3-14, Y. Pasram 3-26.
P M All-Star 40 all out
R. Virapen 7, R. Lekha 6
Abdool Deen 4-11, A. Mowla, W. Asrula took 1 wkt each.

Unity Vs Eagles
Eagles 174 for 6
R. Gopaul 54, R. Durga 25.
D. Sanichar 3-24, V. Persaud 2-24.
Unity 96 all out
V. McLennon 20, R. Mallay 18
V. Singh 3-7, A. Gopaul 3-5

Lions won Vs Champions
N Y Midrise won Vs P M Youth
Unpredictable won Vs Braves
Wakefield won Vs Ravens

Division IIB
Strikers Vs Legends

Strikers 86 all out
N. Budhram 29, P. Singh 14
B. Nagamottoo 4-13, V. Nagamottoo 3-14, De Morrison 2-5
Legends 87 for 5
D. Morrison 49 n/o, Mickey 10, V. Nagamottoo 10.
R. Munilall 2-23.
Justin Force won Vs Young Brothers
Flasherz won Vs Rising Sun

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