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USACA CEO Announces ICC World Cup Funding Drive

August 25th, 2009
USA Cricket is reaching out to the estimated 15-million cricket fans in the United States to assist USACA with tax-deductible donations to help TEAM USA function and perform like the very best programs in world cricket. Donald Lockerbie, USA Cricket CEO, announced a new initiative today to help USACA raise the necessary funding to adequately support the preparation of the four American teams vying to qualify for ICC Cricket World Cups in the next year.  According to Lockerbie, TEAM USA is preparing teams for four different ICC Cricket World Championships as follows:  Boys Under-19 Cricket World Cup in New Zealand (January 2010), Men's World T20 in the West Indies (May 2010), Men's ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 (qualifying starts in February 2010) and the Women's Team will play Canada in 2010 to continue its quest to qualify for the ICC Women's World Cup 2013.

USACA CEO Donald Lockerbie.

"This is a very exciting time for USA Cricket," said Lockerbie, "to have four teams with chances to qualify for world cups is a unique time in our history at USACA.  We want to take advantage of this position and rise up in the world rankings, by preparing competitive teams with chances to advance and compete in the most important Cricket World tournaments.

To qualify, the Under-19 team must finish in the top six in a tournament in Toronto, Canada during September 1-13, 2009.  The Men’s team will play for 1 of 2 spots in Dubai in February 2010 to qualify for the ICC World T20 next year, and then travel to Nepal (February 2010) to play in the World Cricket League Division 5 in order to start their journey to qualify for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.  Also in 2010, the Women's team will continue their quest to advance to CWC 2013.

Lockerbie noted that it will take millions of dollars on an annual basis to professionalize the players, coaching staff, and team administration - as well as to conduct selection tournaments, training camps, cricket academies, coaching and umpiring schools, domestic and international

competitions to ready all four teams.  USACA has also launched a new Commercial Program geared to raise financial support via corporate sponsorships, media rights, and international cricket events.

Donations of $100 or more made by USA Cricket supporters will receive a tax-deduction receipt from USACA. Donations of $1000 or more will qualify contributors for special opportunities in the future - such as qualifying early to purchase tickets to the major international cricket matches that USACA is presently developing with the world’s top teams to play in the USA, and starting in 2010.  More special program benefits will be announced for donors as they develop.

Lockerbie said, "The USA has been behind our rival countries in the region like Canada and Bermuda who benefit greatly from their higher world rankings.  In the future, the USA will continue to re-build our team with top national and international coaches, consultants, training centers, and competitions to make the USA a rising force to be dealt with in international cricket.  But we have to start here at home.  We must solicit and request the help of the millions of cricket fans in the USA who play the game and support the growth of the sport.  Until more of our fans start supporting TEAM USA, we can't have an expectation that sponsors and international bodies will."

The CEO also said that he was grateful and very impressed by the way families and individual benefactors had been supporting cricket in the USA for so many decades.  "We could not ever hope to be in this position, if it had not been for the years of volunteer service and the many donations made in cash and in-kind by the supporters of cricket in the USA.  What we need to do now is focus on helping our national teams get qualified, and be strong enough to actually have a chance to someday win championships - which will help make our sport more popular and noteworthy in the USA."

Tax deductable checks of $100 or more made payable to USA Cricket Association may be sent to the following address:

429 Lenox Avenue
Suite P-405
Miami Beach, FL  3313

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