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Cosmos Celebrated 27th Anniversary

Dec. 16th, 2009 | Gallery of Presentation
It couldn't have been scripted better for Cosmos in their 27th Anniversary celebration at the elegant Fairfield Pavilion. As the last crack of leather on willow gave way to the temperate winds of fall, the chirping sound of birds and a symphony rumbling leaves, the life on the cricket field was meticulously transformed; the green lawn is now a sheet of gold colored leaves canvassed across the serenely desolate field that provided a temporary sanctuary for ducks on evenings until the snowflakes arrived. And so, as the chilling calm and wintry mix pervaded on the picturesque Floyd Bennett cricket field it encapsulated a season of conciliatory rewards coupled with a nostalgic sense of accomplishment as Cosmos, the Metropolitan Cricket League 2009 Premier Champions, raised the coveted championship crown ringing in the holiday season with a gala affair on thanksgiving evening befitting of their thyme “Achieving Excellence Through Perseverance” and the ever signature presence of a club that is committed to leading the way.

Cosmos team members posed for the camera.

It was an awards ceremony which mirrored that of quality and class, one that celebrated the club's illustrious two and a half decades of promoting cricket in the United States. The commencement of the activities for the evening got under way with Nathan Henderson delivering the invocation.

Cosmos, the crowned champions of the metropolitan cricket league premier Round Robin champions for the fourth time in their decorated history has displayed a high level of discipline and camaraderie whenever they graced the cricket field. On an evening of celebration they showed the humility of true champions and showcased their firm commitment in promoting and encouraging the young players by inviting the New York Region U-15 team in the audience along with cosmos adopted school team- the Stuyvesant tigers and awarded them for their effort and performances in the 2009 season.

In his keynote message to the gathering, Cosmos President Sham Ali echoed Cosmos’s firm commitment to excellence and discipline and he reminded the youths that “As you youngsters leaped into the world arena more vibrant and energized than ever in quest of your dreams and aspirations, with new horizons to explore and a wealth of information at your disposal, remember, the element of unpredictability does exists and the challenges will be yours to conquer and reminded the senior players that they have a responsibility to set the right example for the younger players. Cosmos will continue to provide direction to their younger members. Our SMALL stipend for the youths who are entering college is a GIANT step for our club and a reminder that we care about you.” But when Ali warned the youths to be careful of unhealthy influences and reminded them that it is Cosmos who cares about them, a rousing applause resonates from the youths and filled the atmosphere.

The renowned New York Region commentator Leonard Achaibar then lighted the evening in fine style as he illustrated the statistical performances of the senior players while taking a few jabs at an energized tiger’s corner. Kevin Darlington, George Adams and Sham Ali took the bowling honors. Keddy Lesporis, Dennis Evans, Donald Bennett and Melroy Kingston excelled in the batting category while young Marlon Persaud and Robin Dass were recognized as two promising players along with the centurions in Ahmed Proverbs, Keith Semple and Captain Dixeth Palmer for his outstanding leadership.

The occasion was graced by some notable personalities in the region, three United States of America cricket hall of fame inductees Mascelles Bailey, Shadi Khan and Austin Hutchinson, Sham Samaroo from shamsamaroo.com, and NYCPSAL Commissioner Bassett Thompson. Commissioner Thompson expressed his admiration to Cosmos for showing their commitment in the youths and congratulated them in their championship season.

As the tigers stepped onto the stage to accept awards Stuyvesant coach Zaffee Khan brought the sentiments of one of the best High School in the nation – the Stuyvesant High School - and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Cosmos and NYR U-15 Coach Ashmul Ali for their dedication and patience in training the tiger’s team. The applause was loud when Achaibar introduced the NYR U15 player – the Australian - Sidney Simons who captivated the audience with his innocence as he stepped onto the stage and received his award from his coach.

The flowers for the ladies romantised the evening as the awards reached its climax. The atmosphere became electric as the core awards took center stage; a birthday cake rolled out for cosmos Donald Bennett and was sliced with the 2009 Benefit Honoree Shadi Khan. The COSMOS GOLDEN CENTURION AWARD- a crystal trophy with a golden ball mounted on top- was presented to the first recipient, a grateful Shadi Khan, who raised his award along with pictorial portrait of himself through the years to acknowledge the extraordinary recognition. Cosmos team then raised the coveted MCL Championship trophy presented by MCL president Mascelles Bailey to crown another championship year for cosmos engulfed by a standing ovation from an appreciative audience.

The conclusion of the awards gave way to the dancing feet of an anxious crowd and revealed in its own idiosyncratic way an accomplished club that planted its foundation 27 years ago and persevered throughout the years to become towering symbol strength. On this evening, Cosmos conveyed a deep sense of purpose, commitment to injecting youth; re-emphasize discipline and all-important camaraderie that was reflective of the atmosphere in which Cosmos have flourished on the cricket field over the last two and one-half decades. Cosmos continue to set the standard and leading by example as the first and currently only club in the New York Region developing a dedicated youth team.

Cosmos will always be appreciative of the many friendships and deep-rooted relationships that have been built over the years. Like it was in the beginning, so it is now, that a cricket club with humble beginnings has paved the way and provided so many priceless opportunities for its members is now on a path of an even higher trajectory to attain outsize achievement. Cosmos expressed heartfelt thanks to all of their supporters over the years. The crowd enjoyed every moment of the evening, ringing in the holiday season with peace, cheer and goodwill to all.

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