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United Chargers Presentation Dinner

By Sam Sooppersaud

Oct. 13th, 2009
The management, staff, players, and supporters of the United Chargers, once more celebrated their success in the inaugural year of the New York Premier League, at a Presentation Dinner in Richmond Hill, N.Y. On Friday, October 9, 2009. As you may be aware by now, they became the champions when they defeated the Cricket Zone Enforcers at the finals played a month ago at the newly constructed cricket field, Seaview Avenue and 80th Street, in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn. New York.

New York Premier League only centurion Carl Wright came from the United Chargers.

Everyone was in a joyous and celebratory mood as they dined on a wide selection of entrees, and washed down their sumptuous meal with a choice of liquids, both 'soft' and 'stimulating' ice-cold beverages. The revelers further spiced their dinner with several topics of interest, the most predominant being, what else, cricket. Guests discussed and reminisced on the "greats' of the past, mostly batsmen and bowlers, fast bowlers. The merits of Gary Sobers, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Sir Donald Bradman, et al, were discussed and compared. Who was the better batsman during his playing days, Lara or Tendulkar? Which batsman is (was) more revered in India, Sachin or his West Indies nemesis, opening batsman Sunil Gavaskar? Whose sweep shot was more exciting than Kanhai's! Are there any to even compare with his. Kanhai in his days would end up lying full length on the wicket with the ball sailing to the square-leg boundary.

On the pacers! Someone offered that the present Australian speedster is the most menacing. Another person quickly retorted that, maybe that was "a few years ago," now he has lost some of his venom. What about Mitchell Johnson! He is a terror to right hand batsmen. He pitches the ball on a good length, to the batsman's "blind spot," that is on or about the leg stump. The ball then swings across the batsman's body, at the same time rising viciously. This, the speaker added, is what makes Johnson the most fearsome of all the fast bowlers. Yet another added that Hall and Griffith were two menaces to batsmen in their era. It seemed that everyone had a point to make. What interesting cricket conversation!

Richie Sieuchand was the most successful bowler for United Chargers capturing a total of 10 wickets in the tournament.

Once all had their full and had replenished their glasses, the president of the United Chargers Ralph Tamesh announced that it was time for the more serious part of the evening's affair. First, on behalf of th e franchise, he thanked all for taking the time out to attend the dinner. He was grateful to all those, who, in in their own way contributed to the team's success. He heaped praises on the various sponsors who 'laid out the cash" so that the Chargers could meet their various financial commitments. He gave a 'rundown' of how the Chargers' franchise came about and the hard work that was put in by various individuals. One of these individuals was Ricky Singh. He took the stage and gave one of his somewhat lengthy talks. (What else is new? (Laugh). He specifically mentioned the work done by Skipper Steve Massiah who was most instrumental in "signing' the talents that are on the Chargers' roster of players.

Next to address the gathering was the skipper, Steve Massiah himself. He thanked the management and sponsors for providing him with the best possible talents, which made his job of leading the side on the field, so much easier. All the players present that evening were given the opportunity to add their piece. With understandable pride they all, in gen eral terms, thanked the management and staff, and their fellow players for making their winning of the championship possible.

Surprisingly, I was called upon to say "a few words." While walking up to the front someone remarked," don't let it be long like your articles." This was taken in much gesture. I did make it short. I told the gathering that I was involved with cricket in this country since 1969. In my opinion cricket has made great strides toward getting more recognized as a sport in this country. More young men are on the cricket field and as a result the most exciting cricket is being played nowadays as compared to times past. I urged the 'older' players to set an example for the younger players to follow, on and off the field. We should always put in the forefront of our play, the tenets, "The Spirit of The Game."

Several awards were then presented, Carl Wright was adjudged MVP with 254 runs, and the only century (101) scored in the tournament. He also grabbed three wickets.

Most Valuable Player Carl Wright
Second Most Runs Scored Glen Hall - 234 runs.
Third Most Runs Scored Sudesh Dhaniram - 141 runs

Most Wickets Taken Richie Sieuchand - 10 wickets
Second Most Wickets Taken Reon King - 7 wickets
Sudesh Dhaniram - 7 wickets

5-Wicket Haul David Mohamed - (NYPL)
6-Wicket Haul David Mohamed - (MAQ/T20)

Plaques were presented to various officials and individuals for their contributions. I was pleasantly surprised when Ralph Tamesh announced that I should step forward to receive a plaque. Mr. Tamesh read from the plaque, "For An Outstanding Contribution Towards the Development and Promotion of Cricket as a Journalist, Player and Coach.” That made my evening. In fact it made up for the long hours I sat up at nights writing those lengthy articles. I felt rewarded for the long hours spent coaching the youths, some of those spent actually playing. Thank you United Chargers.

United Chargers in a well-run organization, that boasts of20very competent group of administrators, who are dedicated to the cause of improving cricket. The cricketers themselves are of a very high caliber and very serious about their game. Words are not enough to express the invaluable contribution which Mr. Ricky Singh brings to the group. He is without doubt, the fireplug of the group. He is always ready to furnish whatever is needed, be it cricket equipment, uniforms, financial aid, or advice.

Come on board and join the United Chargers train. The sponsors have promised to outdo themselves for the next NYPL season. Do not miss out. Come on board!

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