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USACA Announces Senior Men’s Team Probables

By www.newyorkcricket.com Staff Correspondent

Oct. 21st, 2009
A list of forty probable players for selection to the USA’s Men’s senior cricket squad was released by USACA. The players will be considered for selection to represent the USA in the ICC T20 Qualifier, scheduled for Dubai, UAE and or the ICC’s WCL Division 5 in Nepal. Both tournaments are scheduled for February 2010.  The management team confirmed for both tours is Imran Khan, manager and former West Indies Test player Clayton Lambert, coach.

Four of these Under-19 players are in the 40 probables, pictured (l-r) Azrudeen Mohamed, Ryan Corns, Gregory Sewdial, Henry Wardley and Shiva Vashishat.

The players selected are Imran Awan, Gowkaran Roopnarine, D. Forest, Clain Williams, Mohamed A. Ghous, Shahid Munir, Khawaj Usman Shuja, Amit Kumar, Ashar Mehdi, Asif Mahmood, Akhil Pathan, Abhijit Joshi, Sushil Nadkani, Orlando Baker, Rahul Kukreti, Ryan Corns, Andrew Jodhi, Azrudeen Mohamed, Gregory Sewdial, Regis Burton, Samarath Shah, Saurabh Verma, Nauman Mustafa, M. Bilal Khan, Shiva Vashishat, Steve Massiah, Lennox Cush, Sudesh Dhaniram, Carl Wright, Rashard Marshall, Glen Hall, Barrington Bartley, Kevin Darlington, Timroy Allen, Nasir Javed, Ananad Tummala, Aditya Thyagarajan, Mehul Dave, Ravi Timbawala, Hammad Shahid.

A source close to USACA, in confirming the list stated that Rahul Kukreti’s name would be removed from the list, because the player is currently serving a one year suspension handed down by the USACA board of directors at a recent board meeting held in Indianapolis, Indiana. The source added, “The list does not represent the total group of players from which the squad for the ICC’s February tournaments would be selected,” adding that USACA’s senior men’s selection committee would be looking at other players as well, for consideration.

Already the buzz in some cricketing circles is that some of the older players identified should not be considered for selection, because of their ages, and the opportunity should be afforded some of the younger up and coming stars in the USA. Newyorkcricket.com is keeping a close eye on the selection process and will bring our viewers updates from time to time, or when USACA confirms the final squad selected.

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