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Cricket Under The Stars Comes To Queens

By www.newyorkcricket.com Staff Reporter

Oct. 7th, 2009
Softball will take a bold step come October 9th, 2009 at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens. The family-oriented IPL style event is free and is presented by Softball Cricket Doctors, led by Imran Khan.

It will be a game where Berbice will take on Demerara for bragging rights as to which of these counties from Guyana are superior in the softball version of cricket.

Admission is free and includes lots of entertainment featuring The Angels Caribbean Band and other well-known artistes such as Dexter, Tricia, Geeta, Ranjeev and Wata-Flo.

The Berbice team will be led by Chris Shobai and includes Andrew Gonsalves, Pooran Beera, Vick Sookaran, Ravin Ivan, Bobby Pahalad, Junior Mohan, Kemraj Narine, Amit Moonsammy, Bhola Pahalad, Ravi Mohan, Khaleem Bux, Mukeshwar Mattai, Nigel Bridgelall, and Ricky Narine.

The Demerara squad will be led by Javid Ally, Eon Ellis, Amar Singh, Prashad Mahadeo, Anil Beharry, Asif Ally, Brian Maniram, Erapali Sahadeo, Shawn Persaud, Dharampaul Singh, Navin Narine, Naeem Mohamed, Sunil Panday, Wahid Ward, and Michael Persaud.

The event will start at 6:30pm sharp.

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