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“Sparky Lady” Sparkles As The “Magicians” Lost Their Magical Touch

Feb. 10th, 2010

As ICUSA Winter Cricket League Tournament approaches its mid-way stage with matches last Saturday evening, Sparkling “Sparky Lady” sparkled with an upset victory against last year’s champions “Galaxy”, while the New York Magicians, who made a jubilant debut the previous week with 2 victories, lost their magical touch, as they faced the reality of the challenging nature of this format of the game, loosing both of their matches last week end.

Sparky Lady

Galaxy Cricket Club


The thrills, the spills, the excitement, and the entertainment which the matches of this year’s Annual ICUSA Winter Cricket League Tournament have been producing remind us of the reason for the cricket game being labeled “a game of glorious uncertainty”. In this tournament, champion team lost to team of enthusiastic obscures and energetic youth team defeated their more experienced and elderly cricketing colleagues. This only Winter Cricket League Tournament in the Tri-State area is generating the laudable spirit of friendship and desirable gentlemanly conduct in a wholesome and pleasant environment, which is suited to relaxation that the sport of Winter Cricket creates and which is facilitated by the state of the art facility at ICUSA in Morristown New Jersey.

New York Magicians vs. Royals
The Royals demolished the Magicians, with a display of clinical professionalism. The “Magicians” batted first and was off to a horror start as Theron Blair and Deryck McDonald restricted the score to zero after the 3 overs which accounted for 2 dismissals. With Blair generating lots of pace and McDonald opting for swing and accuracy the batting pair of Navin and Nayan were unable to give their team a desirable start. The “Magicians” never recovered from that bad start.

The “Royals” kept up the pressure with Kumar Nandalal, Mark Gomes and Sean Thompson, capitalizing on the good work of their opening bowlers, produced very miserly bowling spells to restrict the “Magicians” to a paltry 59 which included an unacceptable 8 dismissals. In reply Royals had no difficulty in rattling up 121 with solid batting from all their batters and some lusty and entertaining batting at the end of the innings by Blair who smashed 2 sixes off the bowling of the hapless Zaman.

Sparky Lady vs. Royals
“Royals” carried the momentum they generated in winning all their matches so far in the Tournament, over to their next match against “Sparky Lady” who was out played by their experienced opponents. Sparky Lady batted first and was able to muster only 63 runs in their innings which was adversely affected by 9 dismissals that reduced their innings by 45 much needed runs. Haider was their only batsman who provided worthy resistance but his efforts was tarnished by the large number of dismissals which resulted from accurate bowling of the “Royals”.

In response the “Royals” amassed 112 runs with consummate ease. All their batsmen made solid contributions with sensible batting which revealed their quality as experienced cricketers. Jerry Ragoobir had the distinction of bowling the best over in the innings that involved a dismissal and cost him only a single run.

Galaxy vs. Sparky Lady
This was the evening’s thriller as sparkling “Sparky Lady” sparkled while last year’s champion “Galaxy” lost their way under pressure with which the “Lady” pleasantly surprised them. It was a well deserved triumph for the “Sparky Lady” team that is a joyous combination of fun loving cricket lovers with origins and links to Puerto Rico, Guyana, Trinidad, Pakistan and the USA. “Galaxy” batted first and was kept on a tight leash. Their first and second pairs of batters were not allowed to get the innings into stride.

Mustahsan Mirza and Jerry Ragoobir were at their best weaving a web of mystery around the batsmen with intelligent flight and guile which intrigued the minds of the batsmen and interfered with their concentration. The portly Mustahsan Mirza, using his spin bowling skills, accounted for 3 dismissals in 8 deliveries to stun the “Galaxy” team and entertain the spectators. “Galaxy” last pair of Ryan Gildhari and captain Krishna repaired the damage with a fine 50 run partnership. With the innings ending on a gettable 117, and the fillip given to the team by Mirza’s heroics, “Sparky Lady” left the field with a spark in their steps as they sensed an opportunity to sparkle with a victory. In reply the batters approached the chase in a methodical manner ensuring that they were maintaining the required rate.

When the last pair got to the wicket the score was 73 with 44 runs needed and captain Angelo and Haider to get these runs. The experienced trio of Krishna Harrichand, Rana Narain, and Manoj Balgobin were the “Galaxy’s” bowlers left to bowl with pressure building as the “Sparky Lady” team’s body language displayed confidence. At that stage of the game “Galaxy” team went to pieces as the fielding disintegrated and the usually accurate Balgobin sprayed the ball around to deliver 8 wides in his 2 over spells. “Sparky Lady” got 120 with an assortment of intelligent and orthodox batting by the last pair Angelo and Haider who saw their team to victory in which their team spirit was supreme.

Galaxy vs. New York Magicians
In the evening’s last match “Galaxy” lifted their game as their earlier shock defeat had a positive effect on them. They approached this game with a seriousness of purpose for which they are reputed and demonstrated a standard of cricket that was devoid of sloppiness. The “Magicians”, who lost earlier in the evening, batted first and approached their innings with caution against “Galaxy” bowlers who were making an intense effort to restore their damaged image. The “Magicians” gave an improved performance on that of their earlier game.

They gathered 116 runs without any dismissals, unlike in their earlier game when they had 8 dismissals. “Galaxy” batsmen chased down the runs in a no nonsense manner with a view of restoring their self confidence and ended up with 145 which gave them an impressive win. The “Magicians”, appeared demoralized from their lost to “Royals” in the evening’s first match and their bowling was wayward as they gave away a combination of 26 wides and no-balls which had a significant impact on their defeat. This week-end the tournament adjourns in honor of the celebration of “Love”.

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