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USA Cricket Meets With IPL’s Lalit Modi In Dubai

Media Release
Feb. 11th, 2010
Following many months of communication between USA Cricket CEO Donald Lockerbie and the Indian Premier League (IPL) Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi - the two cricket officials met today in Dubai with members of their respective teams to move forward a strategic partnership aimed at bringing IPL teams and matches to the United States.

Picture A: (l to r) Ahmed Jeddy, Nabeel Ahmed, USA Cricket, Lalit Modi, IPL, Don Lockerbie, USA Cricket and Sundar Raman, IPL. Photo credit: © Daniela Zaharia/USACA

Picture B: (l to r) Sundar Raman, IPL, Nabeel Ahmed, USA Cricket, IS Bindra, ICC, Don Lockerbie, USA Cricket and Ahmed Jeddy, USA Cricket. Photo credit: © Daniela Zaharia/USACA

In holding this historic meeting - the two parties hope to end media speculation about the seriousness of the Modi-led IPL’s interest in the USA marketplace and work to establish plans for future editions and versions of the T20 league in future American venues.

The result of the Dubai meeting should solidify the potential for IPL teams to begin play in America as early as 2011 - with modified versions of the fastest growing sports league in the world also on the radar for the USA. Both parties agreed to work together on a master plan to bring the IPL to the USA and will meet again in May 2010 to form a working group and move the process along.

The two men discussed the infrastructure issue and importance of developing cricket stadia in the USA as well as for the Americans to bid for future events such as the IPL-inspired Champions League. Also on the agenda was a discussion regarding the future for top American cricketers to play in the IPL.

Lockerbie said after the meeting - “Lalit and I share a common bond - whilst he was attending Duke University at Durham, NC, I was coaching Track & Field at arch-rival University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill just eight miles away. He knows the American landscape and its competitive importance in the world to marketing any great product. The IPL is a powerful new product in the sports industry and we will work hard to see USA Cricket and the IPL succeed together and energize the growth of Cricket in the USA.

Attending the meeting was IPL Chief Operating Officer Sundar Raman and from the USA Cricket Association – 1st Vice President Nabeel Ahmed, board member Ahmed Jeddy, and media liaison Daniela Zaharia. Prior to the meeting with Mr. Modi, the USACA group met with Mr. Raman and ICC Principal Advisor IS Bindra, to establish talking points and initial agreements. The meetings were held prior to the IPL General Counsel session, today in Dubai.

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