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ICUSA 2nd Round Winter Tournament Round-Up

Feb. 4th, 2010
The second round matches of ICUSA’s Winter Indoor Cricket League Tournament continued last Saturday evening with three matches at its Morristown New Jersey venue. Four teams participated in an evening of cricket entertainment for Indoor Cricket fans who turned out to support their respective teams. “New York Magicians” played ICUSA’s youth team “Stars” in the first match and then “Sparky Lady” in the third game. The second game was played between “Stripes” and “Sparky Lady”.

Indoor Cricket USA family.

A view of the facility.

Angelo Gonzalez and Jerry Ragoobir of Sparky Lady.

New York Magicians made its debut to the Indoor Cricket Tournament with a solid victory against “Stars” who showed significant improvements in their fielding especially their catching. That was just reward for lots of nets coaching for the youngsters during the week. The “Magicians” batted first and scored 135. Their batters were learning the adjustments needed for this format of the game and batted carefully throughout their innings. Heather scored an aggressive 22 while Andy made17. For the “Stars”, Amogh, Shan and Anush bowled intelligently to curtail runs.

Their efforts were backed up by excellent fielding which accounted for six dismissals and kept them in the game with a chance to win. In reply the “Stars” batting was affected by a lack of application and general ill discipline. They were only able to muster a mere 57 in their innings, which included a record 12 dismissals that reduced their score by 60 much needed runs. This led to them enduring a crushing defeat which is a part of the pains and hard work associated with the “learning curve”.( ICUSA Stars- Captain. Tahir, Vice-Captain Anush Tharnari, Mike Singh, Roshan Patel, Omar Latif, Ghous, Shan, Amogh, Arshaad Farrouq)

The ever improving ICUSA “Stripes” team gained an upset victory against their more elderly opponents “Sparky Lady” in a tight finish. “Sparky Lady” batted first and was restricted to 115 by some splendid cricket from a team that displayed a very close correlation between mental and physical fitness. The bowling changes, field placing, bowling lines and length and splendid team spirit combined to suggest that they were putting into motion a well thought out and appropriate plan of action for their opponents. Every player of the “Stripes” team made a positive contribution with Captain Cameron Mirza and Vice-Captain Ryan Persaud sharing their experiences and exposure with the others who were giving them their full support.

This enabled them to get 6 dismissals in the ‘Sparky Lady” innings and thereby in an, a manner devoid of chivalry, prevented the Lady from sparking. In reply the “Stripes” batted intelligently and paced their innings well to score 120 without any dismissals. This victory gave a big boost to the moral and confidence of the team for the rest of the tournament. So far in the tournament they are the only team that have no dismissals and, that had a significant impact on their success. (Sparky Lady – Captain Angelo Gonzalez, Vice-Captain Jerry Ragoobir, Mustahsan Mirza, Waseem, Anand, Lucky) ( ICUSA Stripes- Captain Cameron Mirza, Vice-Captain Ryan Persaud, Kareem Latif, Saif, Ammar, Parth Tharnari)

In the evening’s final match “New York Magicians” defeated “Sparky Lady”. The Magicians” batted first and scored 136 with aggressive batting throughout their innings. The bowling of “Sparky Lady”‘s team was wayward, giving away too many wides and offering an assortment of juicy deliveries, which were appropriately dealt with by the batters. In reply “Sparky Lady” batting lacked purpose and appeared somewhat lack luster as they never really looked able to pose a worthy challenge to the 136 of the “Magicians”.

The innings ended on 102 with their batters failing to find placement with their strokes to score at the required rate. In one particular over 5 crisp shots went straight to fielders who made no mistakes. In general the “Magicians” bowling was stiff, while their fielding was excellent. As the tournament progresses “Sparky Lady” is expected to lift the level of their game. They could improve a lot by taking a cue from the way the “Stripes “team is approaching the game. The third round matches are set for 6 p.m. on Saturday at Indoor Cricket USA in Morristown, New Jersey.

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