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All Star Juniors In Showdown

By Orin Davidson
(Aug. 17, 07) All Star juniors including Akeem Dodson and Andre Kirton will sharpen up for the national junior finals today (Saturday August 18) in the Tri State Under-19 series All Star Game at Gateway Park.

New York won the Eastern Conference title recently and is aiming to regain the national junior title they last won two years ago, in Florida in September.
Based on performances in the Tri State series, two teams of players were chosen to contest the 50 overs a side clash.

Dodson, the national Under-19 wicketkeeper/ batsman will captain Tristate Bobcats while his compatriot is Azruddin Mohamed who leads Tristate Bears.

Under the eyes of Regional coach Linden Fraser and coordinator Clifford Hinds, the squad which includes some players from as far away as Connecticut, are being put through their paces every Thursday at Gateway.

They were given a number of pep talks by visiting personalities and seem ready for the Tri State Cup’s homestretch that continues on August 25 with the last semi-final between Tri State Youths and Forest Hills.

The first semi was scheduled for today, but the powerful New Jersey Youths squad delivered a bombshell by defaulting to Connecticut Youths.

Officials say a full squad could not be had , hence the decision to default.

On top of the early elimination of defending champions Eastern American Youths, the competition suffered another setback with the cop out by New Jersey, who played unbeaten in the preliminaries.

As a result today’s All Star game is likely to be the tournament’s highlight as Tri State Youths are not expected to receive much opposition the rest of the way.

Teams: Tri State Bobcats – Akeem Dodson (captain), Rohan Hope, Abdulla Syed, Gregory Sewdial, Ahmad Dodson, Hugo D’Olivera, Vikram Varma, Pervez Sheikh, Neuman Shah, Kester Grant, Azeem Dada, Navjot Singh, Hassan Jhangir, Andre Kirton and Feiaz Samad. Umer Farooq is injured.

Tri State Bears – Azurdeen Mohamed (captain), Francis Mendonca, Basdeo Ramnarian, Javein Thomas, Waqas Ahmed, Shashank Varma, Firoz Shaikh, Assad Janjua, Lakesh Subramani, Shaan Metha, Prageet Kumar, Zohaib Zer, Kevai Patel, Dusman Salim and Chris Sirkisson.


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