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Wright Makes Wrong Move…..Says Bedessee Destroyers

By Orin Davidson
Dec. 5th, 2009 | Comments
Opening batsman Carl Wright did wrong as on his availability as far as Bedessee Destroyers are concerned for this weekend’s US Cricket Open T20 series.

Carl Wright

Destroyers are claiming the batsman double- dealt them by switching his allegiance to a rival at the last minute after promising to represent them in the competition.

Wright’s name appears on the Washington Tigers list submitted to competition ‘s owners Cricket Council USA, and to make matters worse the player was refusing to take any calls from Bedessee Destroyers.

But Wright it seems, is making money the issue if one is to go by a tongue in cheek message on his cell phone voice mail.

“If the price ain’t right I will not be taking strike”, is the recording one was getting up to Thursday after dialing the player’s number.

Destroyers officials explained they are not paying any of their players to play, but should they win prize money including the top prize of $ 10,000 it would be shared among the squad solely.

Wright has a history of putting his services on sale and not showing up to play, if the price is not right.

However, he is one of best batsmen in the United States and scored a century in one of his first appearances for the United States national team in the West Indies limited overs series last year in the Caribbean.

Included in the Washington Tigers lineup along with Wright are a few players who recently toured Guyana with United Chargers for a Twenty20 series. United States captain Steve Massiah and Rashard Marshall are among the lot. Chargers which won the New York cricket committee’s T20 championships this year, is unavailable for the Open, leaving Destroyers as the lone New York team in contention.

Teams participating are not required to be registered with any League affiliated to the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA), the country’s national governing body.

Forming teams to compete in money competitions is becoming a regular practice, in promotions not run by leagues or USACA.

It has resulted in fierce competition for players among those teams.

Destroyers is not a registered club with any ruling body within or outside of New York and was invited to play in the US Open based on its outstanding showing in winning the Dream Cricket Twenty20 Cup in July.

And If losing Wright, who did not have the decency to speak directly to the team to explain his status, is not infuriating enough, Destroyers is more upset he crossed the floor to a rival team that left them in a the hole with a paid round trip ticket that is useless to the team.

The ticket was bought from Virginia where Wright resides and he is the only player in the squad departing from that location.

As a result reimbursement for the ticket could blow up into a heated affair, because the team is adamant they have to compensated. It could lead to a confrontation at the Broward stadium facility between the player and or the Washington Tigers and Destroyers.

As a result Destroyers who have players from around the country, likely took the field with only 12 players for their first game on Friday as two others in the squad were not available until Saturday because of work commitments.

However, even without Wright, Bedessee Tigers has the strongest team among the 10 participants, on paper with a number of high profile players from New York and around the country.

They have drafted in top U.S. all-rounder Orlando Baker from Texas along with highly rated junior player Ryan Corns, the Under-19 Americas championship MVP last summer. Add Kevin Darlington, who has established himself as the country’s leading seam bowler, former Guyana national batsman Andrew Gonsalves, George Adams and Barrington Bartley, and they should be favorites to it all.

In-form batsman Glen Hall is not in the squad, contrary to a previous report.
Leading coach Linden Fraser is in charge of the squad which is managed by New York businessman Chubb Bedessee.

Squad:.Akeem Dodson, Dennis Evans, Dwayne Smith, Javain Thomas, Karan Ganesh, Andrew Gonsalves, Khaleem Bux, Zaheer Saffie, Barrington Bartley, Twain Walter, Kevin Darlington, Orlando Baker,George Adams and Ryan Corns. Kerk Higgins is the assistant coach and Lester Hooper assistant manager.

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If a man gives his word to play for Bedessee and gives the ok to purchase his ticket then how is it ok for him to just go and play with another team without speaking to Bedessee. Gentlemen, the word most of you are missing is called professionalism.All he had to do is say Mr.Bedessee I\'m not sure at this time who I\'m gonna be playing for but I will let you know as soon as I can. Story done.
Posted by Bushmaster on Dec. 10th, 2009

I am happy for washington Tigers they Do have the BEST T20 Side in USA and have been winning all the T20 Tournments that are high level involving teams from all over USA. Kudo's to Steve, Imran, Marshal & Carl Wright.
Posted by Cricketer on Dec. 10th, 2009

It's a recession, no one really knows Carl Wright cituation. Cricket is additional income for the man, so you can\'t knock it.
Posted by Mark Audain on Dec. 10th, 2009

Awan, i understand you trying to defend your teammate, but this isnt a matter of knowing the side of any story its all about principle. Without a doubt Carl Wright is the best batsman in the country, as stated by pelta so it is no suprise that he will get numerous offers. However, if you give your word to one team but later realize you got an offer you cant refuse, then it is your duty to inform that team you would not be playing with them. Although the Bedessee Destroyers did a great job in making it to the finals, Wright\\\'s Decision did play a pivotal role in the finals. Not only did it weaken Bedessee\\\'s Batting but also cause them to travel with one less player who could have well made a difference.
Posted by Seamer on Dec. 9th, 2009

Wait until Mr. CEO decides to contract players to represent the USA national team. Mr. Wright and many others will truly define the meaning of \"greed\".
Posted by Youth Cricketer on Dec. 8th, 2009

you guys dont even know the whole story.. i dont think its right to give your opinion before hearing both sides please.
Posted by Imran Awan on Dec. 7th, 2009

See I told you guys that Washington Tigers will be the Champion..New york played good but were not good enough for the Tigers..And about the Carl Wright Contversy if He is not been treated write he will go play for the team that will treat him well.
Posted by Cricketer on Dec. 7th, 2009

First I DON\'T agree with him not informing destroyers that he wouldn't be playing for them, but I gotta say a man gotta eat in these hard times... he is THE BEST BATSMAN IN THE COUNTRY...and as I see it, he wouldn't be paid when he hits an older age when he cannot produce as he is now.
Posted by Pelta on Dec. 7th, 2009

It does not surprised me that Mr. Wright is not a man of his true words. He has done that same thing to one team in the NYPL just recently because of $25.00 more than what he was offered to play. In return he played for another team. I guess these guys are that good or just greedy. I think it\'s greed. I think also he is pressured because of standing certain players in the USA team.
Also the players are not always to be blamed, but idiots who pay these monies to them. I think we need to put a stop to this idiotic nonsense and this starts at club level also.
These guys should be told that cricket is bigger than money.
Posted by Lefthander on Dec. 7th, 2009

The Us Cricket Open does not require registration of players. So it is a kind of 'open field' for the players. Like a business, this guy, Carl Wright, is selling his product, his skill, for the highest price he can get. Hey, he may have had an agreement with the Destroyers, but then Wright wants to be sure that he make his money beforehand, rather that taking the chance to get paid, if and when the Destroyers win the tournament. It looks bad on Wright's part, but as the saying goes "Money Talks".
Posted by Sam Sooppersaud on Dec. 7th, 2009

Geoff, maybe you would be willing to impart your administrative skills to some of the \\\"do nothings\\\' in the NY Region. You are making things happen. with our guys here, things happen. You have broken some new grounds with the innovation of the US Cricket Council Cricket Open.
You are truly a cricket pioneer.
Posted by Sam Sooppersaud on Dec. 7th, 2009

Such players that only cares about money and not about the sport shouldn\'t be allowed to play...he doesn\'t have the right attitude to play cricket and it looks like he only cares about money.
Posted by Manu on Dec. 5th, 2009

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