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New York Cricket Shoots Its Own Foot

By Orin Davidson

Nov. 8th, 2009 | Comments
Controversy has been an indelible part of United States cricket, not because of its circumstances but rather its administrators cannot seem to exit without disagreement.

Linden Fraser

In New York it is no different.
In the lead up to this year’s National Championships, the latest round of trouble could unearth problems that could hinder whatever progress the sport has made here since the International Cricket Council (ICC) two suspensions of three years ago, of the United States of America Cricket Association threatened the existence of organized serious cricket in entire country, most notably New York.

A decision by the New York Cricket committee to remove the coach and manager that successfully piloted the state’s team to winning the Eastern Conference title, that paved the way for their participation in the National Finals, is sowing the seeds of upheaval one week before the start of the competition next weekend.

Following the alleged shakeup of the New York committee through the removal of the organization’s chairman Jeffery Morrishaw via a no-confidence motion vote, to which the latter is disputing, Linden Fraser, one of America’s most well known and accomplished coaches was replaced for no apparent cricket reason as New York team coach, by a new committee leader, laying claim to the position.

As a result it was reported that many players in the squad selected are planning to boycott the team, due to the committee’s action. Charges of favoritism and nepotism are flying back and forth as the reason for Fraser’s removal, which from all evidence is unfair and unwarranted. Adding fuel to the fire is the removal too of the team manager Linden ‘Doc’ Dodson who also played a pivotal role in New York staging a memorable comeback to win the Conference crown in July.

The players are upset and so are many fans, as no plausible explanation could be had for the squad’s management cleansing. Selwyn Caesar who says he was asked to fill in as interim chairman, said the decision was made by New York Board to change the coach and manager, and he endorsed it. But Caesar failed to explain the sense behind the change, offering a “I don’t know’ response when asked if the new management of Zamin Amin as coach and Godfrey Mitchell as manager could do a better job than Fraser and Dodson.

For some reason it seems influential persons within the New York setup do not want Fraser’s input, despite his excellent record at both the senior and junior team levels.

Earlier this year he was surprisingly passed up for the United States Under-19 team coach after proving himself superior to the rest. That was for the Americas Championships in Canada. Weeks later with little preparation Fraser took the senior New York side under his wing to bring home another title win, to add to two national tournament wins with the NY Under-19s.

With this level of dysfunctional leadership, of which this latest round of warped appointments, could cause a divide among the players, New York cricket faces a rocky road ahead.

The national senior tournament is scheduled for November 13-14 at Brian Piccolo Park, in Florida where New York, Florida and the two qualifiers from the Western Conference will do battle.

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Same on the west coast i am told. I am told that the jamaican coach who has actually helped the california u-19 team to win the championship is being sidelined because regional chairman hemant buch fears that his son will not be picked. he has placed his puppets in important positions. we saw in U-15 final vs Canada that his son lost us the match.
Posted by Jack Ramnauth on Nov. 12th, 2009

Orin, I share your opinions wholly. I, myself, have written a scathing article on the latest debacle in the region\'s administration. If you look carefully, even take a glance, and you will see favoritism and nepotism are running wild. This trend seem to be occuring in USACA, also. Look at the positions of coach and mamager for the Under-19 Qualifier in Canada in September. We saw two NY guys appointed. These are guys who \"are in\" that elite circle who claim to "own; cricket in NY. With this type of management, sorry, mismanagement, we are not going anywhere by downwards.
You so-called leaders, if you can\'t do the job, then get the h..l out.
Posted by Sam Sooppersaud on Nov 11th, 2009

"Old boys club" will be the undoing of USACA. same here in the SER. 50 SOMETHING year old Charlie (gets younger every year) has been keeping down a few very good and young leg spinners to guarantee his spot. Who know when the last meeting in the SER was held and Manaf resigined as Sec. of the SER mid last year and Ken Singh the reg. dir. appointed his wife to the post.
Posted by Wayne on Nov 11th, 2009

Cricket will never grow in this region because of too much politics.
Posted by Left Hander on Nov 11th, 2009

Decisions are made everyday but at the end of the day, those decisions have to be justified. If coach Frazer and Dr. Dodson were voted out by the league presidents, then someone should ask why. They should be able to answer the question that so many of the current NY players are asking. Why get rid of a coach and manager who were each given a grade A by the players on the last tournament in D.C.? Only the NY executives can answer that question. Ladies and gentlemen, this world is round. What goes around, comes around. The most important thing is that every cricketer, young and old, knows whats going on in this region. The back biting, racism and other foul things. How long will it last?
Posted by Sam Greaves on Nov. 10th, 2009

How can the cricket develop with all of these issues, i think this is a personal attach on Linden Fraser by Krish Prasad. This is America and you can't have square peg in round hole. My question is, is Sew Shivnarine or Zamin Amin qualified, do they have any coaching certificate or any professional cricket coaching training. I urge Shivnarine and Zamin to resign since you are not qualify for the job, how would you like someone take away your livelihood, you are decent cricketers. But please do the right thing and immediately resign. Give back Fraser what he earned and deserved.
Posted by Steve Gangaram on Nov. 10th, 2009

This is just ridiculous..what\'s going on in the NY Cricket region. Replacing a 21 year old with a 43 year old is just absolutely ridiculous. Also, if you look at the US team, it has several players that has played professional cricket for Caribbean teams and some played domestic cricket for India..and most of them are well over 30. Why not look at the young guys we got here in USA? There are thousands of youngsters, dedicated and committed towards cricket. They know the monetary rewards they get in US cricket compared to American sports are very low..but still they try their best...and these big bosses are doing total injustice to these talents.
Posted by Manu on Nov. 10th, 2009

I am not surprised at the New York situation involving Coach Fraser, because there are some NY league presidents who, although they disagree with the change would not stand up and question it. Everybody in New York knows that the NYCR is heavily influenced by the likes of Kris Prashad and Rudy Persaud of the Eastern American League. Morrishaw deserved to be removed from the chairmanship of the region, because he was himself dysfunctional, but Fraser and Dr. Dodson have proved themselves winners and deserve to continue to serve as Coach and Manager. Sly Caesar don't have an answer, because he has to check with Kris Prashad first to find out what to say. He's along for the ride as a stop gapper.

The same type of behavior is happening in the Eastern American League - only this past weekend Rudy Persaud single-handedly decided that Sudesh Dhaniram was not deserving of the league's MVP, even though the man scored over 700 runs and took 20 wickets. It was given by Rudy to Zamin Amin's brother, who only took 20 wickets. That was grossly unfair and the Eastern American League will soon wake up and find what a puppet they have in their President Rudy Persaud, who makes decisions after checking in with with Prashad and Everest captain Zamin Amin.
How could Amin and Shivnarine coach regional and national teams and Fraser, a qualifed coach be denied. Some people may even say it is racial. I would like to think it is not so, but it all points to Kris Prashad, who calls himself a pandit.

Shame New York, shame Eastern American League.
Someone said that Dhaniram has already boycotted the New York team to Florida and may have lost his one chance to play for the USA, but at least he is a man of principle, the others like Prashad and Rudy have none.
Posted by Patrick on Nov. 9th, 2009

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