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NY Destroyers Reveling In Radiant Info 20/20 Title Win

By Orin Davidson

Sept. 22nd, 2009 | Comments
If you knew nothing about New York Destroyers, be aware it is one of the fastest improving cricket teams in the Big Apple.

New York Destroyers team members at the celebratory function. (Photos by Orin Davidson)

Comprising mostly young players with early exposure to the highest levels of New York competition and beyond, NY Destroyers made the heaviest impact of all this summer. Last Saturday night they celebrated winning one of the biggest competitions held in the Tri State area after emerging surprise winners of the Radiant info Twenty20 competition in New Jersey to justify selection as the lone team from New York invited to compete.

But to team supporters it was not entirely a surprise as Destroyers was following up on another big title win in the Mayors Cup competition staged earlier in the summer.

At the Sand Hills bar in Brooklyn, the praises rang out for the main contributors to the Radiant Info series success. They won three matches and lost one in the three-day series, upsetting the much vaunted Global Challengers in the final to cart off the $5000 cash prize and trophy.

TTop batsman Dennis Evans receives his check and plaque.
Coach Linden Fraser gets his prize.

The team built upon solid team chemistry, aided by an excellent support base provided by its sponsor New York businessman Chubbie Bedessee.

“Without him I don’t think we would’ve done as well as we did,” assistant team manager Lester Hooper explained in his presentation speech. “The team was lacking for nothing” added coach Linden Fraser. “We were put up in a nice hotel and he (Bedessee) even went as far as to travel every day with meals”.

In brief remarks Bedessee, the owner of Bedessee sports goods store, said he hopes they repeat the triumph next year.

NY Destroyers had a nice balance of experienced and young players including United States national team regulars Barrington Bartley and George Adams and ex junior players, Akeem Dodson, Karan Ganesh and Dwayne Smith along with current juniors Javain Thomas and Keon Lake. Former Guyana junior player Zaheer Saffie and top New York batsman Dennis Evans were important additions.

In his remarks Hooper singled out Thomas as one of the most talented batsmen in all of New York, who could fulfill his potential with more dedication to his game. Dodson, who represented the United States in the 2006 ICC Under-19 World Cup, returned just in time from professional duties in the English leagues. Opener Evans was the team’s leading scorer with 117 runs while Bartley topped the bowlers with 10 wickets.

Clain Williams a leading Regional player was lauded by Hooper for accepting the captaincy of the team for the Mayor’s Cup, however he did not play in the Radiant Info Twenty20 series.

Director of the Tri State junior training program Clifford Hinds criticized the nomadic practice of players joining a variety of teams during the season for monetary gain. He pointed out that it did nothing to hasten their development as players.

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What those kids did in New Jersey was a joy. The should be complimented and be taken care of. As a matter of fact thanks to Chubby, Frasier and his group is doing a wonderful job with these kids. Lester is also playing a huge part in promoting these boys. Well done and keep up the good work.
One last note i think someone in authority should see that young Dwayne Smith play for the US senior team ASAP because in my opinion and many others he is the best legspinner in this country. But some genius would not want to think so because of some guy in Florida wants to play at age 72 yrs.
I ask that they do this now or else you will loose him.
Posted by Derick Kallicharran, Sept. 23rd, 2009
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