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USA Guyana Tour Deserves Full Support

By Orin Davidson
By this time next week the USA Guyana team would've completed the first of its three matches on their Guyana tour.

An historic series it will be and while most New Yorkers should be fully supporting their champion team, reservations are hovering over the legitimacy of the trip.

It is so because some observers are miffed that an All Stars team from the Caribbean Cup should be touring instead.

The reality though is that the Guyana tour is a private undertaking which had nothing to do with the All Star team plan.

USA Guyana captain Steve Massiah made that clear yesterday.

He said the idea for this particular tour was solely one made by the Guyana Committee.

The Caribbean Cup Committee, a completely body, had nothing to do with it, he asserted.

And who can fault him in that regard.

Any All Star team planning should be the responsibility of the that Committee and as far as can be seen, the plans that were made before the 2007 Ahmad Caribbean Cup series were not followed up on.

Massiah pointed out that no approaches were made to the main sponsor by that committee - the Ahmad Group of companies.

The Guyana Committee made their move instead and as a result we are all now preparing to have an historic three-match series, involving a representative US Guyana team, touring the homeland for the first time.

No doubt, it would've been appropriate to have an All Star New York team tour overseas.

The benefits would be endless.

The prospect of having the likes of O'Neil Powell, Vinord Woolcock, Orlando Baker, Carl Wright, Dave Mohammed, Mukesh Persaud, Rodney Sookall and John Sylvester team up with Massiah, Lennox Cush and Sudesh Dhaniram, is an exciting one.

The exposure of playing as a team in a foreign land would produce a high enough standard that is sure to raise the levels when they return to play in the Big Apple.

Such a tour would also foster greater appreciation in the territories of the time, money and energy invested every year in cricket in New York these days.

Unfortunately it will not happen this year.

The dynamic Guyana committee has taken the lead for the time being and have executed their plans well enough to have garnered the full commitment of the Guyana Cricket Board.

The time for griping is not now, instead all support should be fully invested in USA Guyana.

It is not their fault, the Caribbean Cup committee did not execute.

Every member of that committee has a responsibility, therefore all the complainants have themselves to blame too for not initiating moves along the way to address the plans made originally.

Next season is not too far away and now is a good time to start planning to make the All Stars team a reality in 2008.
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