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USACA Covered U-19s Accommodation - Miller

By Orin Davidson
United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) official Carlyle Miller feels the national body was cast in a bad light by comments attributed to accommodation in one of several Cricket International articles done on the just concluded national Under-19 championship finals.

Miller stated that the public might be misled into believing that the national body did not cover the tournament accommodation costs, after we stated that that the New York team had to find its own lodging for the two-day series in Florida two weekends ago.

Officials of the New York team had mentioned in this newspaper's presence that players were required to pay for their stay in Fort Lauderdale.

But Miller pointed out that New York paid only for one night because of their desire to arrive early for the competition.

This was confirmed by the team coach Linden Fraser.

USACA covered the costs for three nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday while New York which arrived on Thursday, paid for that period, Miller explained.

The New York representative to USACA stated that the total cost for airline flights and accommodation among other expenses for the three visiting teams comprising New York, Northern California and Southern California, amounted to more than $40,000. He added that in some Associate Member competitions, in which the United States is classified, the teams have to pay their own way.

The official pointed out that among other benefits, the current USACA President raised the allowance for senior national teams in competition, since taking office.

However, the New York Under-19 coach stressed that they were inconvenienced for having to find their way to and from the airports both ways for the finals.

On the issue of the lack of trophies for the successful teams which was roundly denounced by New York which won the competition, Miller said it should not be an issue.
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