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Elections Preparation Still Behind Eight Ball

By Orin Davidson
If one is to put aside the pessimism and have in its place optimism that the scurrying around to stage the USACA elections bears fruit, United States cricket will be on the road to developing the infrastructure needed for proper development.

One of the critical changes recommended in the reworked constitution document requires that the regions be administered by bodies comprising league presidents and four appointed officials each.

Another suggests the USACA executive be elected through balloting from league and regional votes as opposed to clubs only.

There is also a provision for a Chief Executive Officer.

These are among several changes that are likely to affect the running of United States cricket from now onwards.

But from a player development prospective, the need to have the Regions function through properly administered bodies is very necessary.

The strength of any national team in sports is influenced by its domestic structure, which can only be achieved through programs run by a collective body, other than one or two individuals being solely responsible for everything, which sadly has been the case throughout the sport’s existence in the United States

Such bodies will be better equipped to stage competitions for exposure and implement training systems

Properly run competitions will spur player- improvement but it will be not be possible without the necessary sponsorship and availability of officials to execute plans which will be the main responsibilities of governing Regional associations.

One of the reasons why New York’s cricket has a deep resource pool is due to the work of individual groups that have kept competitions and coaching going.

We have seen the development of current national Under-19 championships Most Valuable Player Gregory Sewdial, influenced by all the available exposure here that began with the New York Junior Development Program.

At 16 years Sewdial is playing with the command of a player several years older.

Similar success stories can be had in the rest of the country through properly coordinated efforts.

The sporadic efforts of individual groups that have produced the likes of Sewdial in New York and built the nation’s first ever cricket stadium in Broward County Florida, can be maximized with the creation of recognized Regional ruling bodies affiliated to the national association.

It will not happen though, if the current administrators do not step up the pace to have the constitution in place.

Time is of great essence.
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