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USACA Elections In Race Against Time

By Orin Davidson
United States cricket administrators are in a race against time to meet the elections deadline imposed by the world ruling body the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Implementing the new constitution for the staging of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) executive elections must all be completed in 42 days by November 30, but clubs are only now receiving the document for perusal and suggested changes.

Failing which, the ICC’s ban on the United States is not likely to be lifted anytime soon.

Following a teleconference earlier this week between representatives of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA), the Leagues around the country and the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), charged with overseeing the process, clubs started receiving copies of the constitution document.

They have one week ending October 22 to complete and return following which any suggested changes, are to be done by the three representatives - USACA president Gladstone Dainty, Leagues rep John Aaron and the WICB agent Chris Dehring, along with the constitution review committee, by November 1.

As it currently stands, the new constitution recommends that all active Leagues affiliated to USACA will have one vote each along with an additional four for each of the seven Regions, to determine the executive positions of the national body.

At last count it was revealed that 45 leagues are in existence which along with 28 from the seven Regions which amounts to 73 votes, from which the President and the other executives will be elected to make up the USACA executive.

However, an agreement by the majority of clubs is required for the process to get underway and finished before the deadline.

In the past clubs elected the executive.

Another significant proposed constitution change requires that the seven regions be governed each by a body comprising the league presidents and four appointed officials.

There is also a recommendation for an appointed Chief Executive Officer.

The ban was instituted in March after the elections were not completed on time. The ICC then mandated the WICB to oversee its completion and recommend whether the ban is lifted or not.

Dehring’s job is to report to WICB president Julian Hunte who will take the findings to the ICC.
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