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USACA Slow To Meet Elections Deadlines

Gladstone Dainty

By Orin Davidson
Under sustained pressure, the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) is making heavy weather in meeting the guidelines for executive elections, the completion of which stands between this country having its world ban lifted anytime soon.

More than two months have elapsed since USACA President Gladstone Dainty, in his capacity as its representative on a three-man committee, committed itself to the International Cricket Council (ICC) imposed deadlines that includes having a new constitution in place and completing its executive elections.

According to a report from the committee charged with taking the process forward, an unwarranted delay to review the constitution document to form the new constitution, by USACA has left the country with a mere two months to finalize it and complete the entire process culminating with the executive elections by November 30.

The submission of the document by USACA to the three-man committee is slated for October 1, well after it was supposed to be forwarded, following the re-working of the old laws by a Review Committee.

October 15 was dated for the completion of the document’s ratification by the clubs, but that seems impossible now, given the time normally required to have more than 300 clubs spread across this huge country, receive, discuss and or suggest changes, among the respective members and return to USACA.

Contrary to an agreement by the committee also comprising, the now dissolved Reconciliation Committee representative John Aaron, Dainty and former West Indies Cricket Board President Ken Gordon, who was charged to supervise the pre-election process by the ICC, USACA used added valuable time to further review the document, when the President could’ve done so at a second meeting in August when it was handed over to the committee and the WICB lawyer.

Following acceptance by the clubs, the new constitution will guide the staging of the long awaited USACA executive elections.
Under constant probing by Aaron and WICB lawyer Derek Jones who wrote a scathing e-mail to USACA, condemning the association’s unnecessary delays, caused by the unnecessary review, the national ruling body finally released an adjusted constitution document to the Review Committee which USACA secretary Paul Da Silva claimed contained flaws and errors.

It means that USACA will have to work overtime to meet the November 30 deadline.

Earlier this year the national body failed to meet an extended deadline to have the elections staged by March 1, which resulted in the indefinite ban.

It caused the ICC to charge the WICB, whose representative on the committee is now Chris Dehring, with over viewing the election process and report on its findings which would determine whether the ban is lifted.

As a result of the ban, the United States national under-19 team was prevented from defending its Americas Cup title and a chance to compete in its second straight ICC Under-19 World Cup . The senior team missed out on the Inter Continental Cup.

The country is hoping the ban is removed in time for the 2008 season next summer.
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