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USACA’s Tardiness Too Risky For Comfort

It is incomprehensible a more diligent approach is not being pursued by the United States of American Cricket Association (USACA) to have the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) ban on this country lifted any time soon.

There are deadlines to be met for the enactment of the new constitution and the staging of the executive elections, if not completed on time, will see us doomed in the doldrums for heaven knows how much longer.

November 30 is the deadline set for the completion of everything, but from all appearances, USACA is moving in slow motion.

We are at the end of September but the constitution document is not yet close to any sort of ratification by the 300-odd clubs spread across America.

The latest information indicates that an adjustment for the umpteenth time is about to be competed for perusal by the review committee, which reworked the original document.

Why all this unwanted delay had to occur only USACA knows. The national body bullied its way to have this time wasting review when all adjustments could’ve been completed when the three man committee was presented with the reworked document more than a month ago.

It is clear that the current administration never intended to accept the work of the review committee and was only playing along when its President Gladstone Dainty and the Reconciliation Committee representative John Aaron met with the West Indies Cricket Board team, mandated to supervise the election process by the ICC, on those two occasions.

Why else would USACA want more time to make additional changes to the document in addition to the ones discussed at the Miami meeting last month?
One could only conclude that USACA wants to hoodwink the clubs by rushing through the document at the last minute, at which time its members are expected to give in, without making any objections, for the sake of having us play international cricket soon again.

But this strategy might backfire because the said last minute rush cost us the entire 2007 of exposure for our players after USACA failed to meet the original March 1 election deadline that led to the current ban.

Why the USACA executive wants to run the risk of another such failed operation is mind boggling. That is unless they do not care about a never-ending ban if the current executive is not returned to office.

This is a reprehensible state of affairs.

You get the impression there is a suffocating phobia pervading the Dainty administration because of this intense desire to make whole sale changes to the constitution document for it to be scripted a certain way, and use valuable time in the process.
Which is disappointing because the review committee which re-worked it comprised five neutral professionals and not a bunch of power hungry Californians.

The entire country knows the biggest threat the USACA administration faces, emanates from that western Region

And if the elections boil down to an East versus West fight, the former should win under any circumstance or via any constitution.

There should be nothing to fear.
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