Claymon Rose
Name: Claymon Rose
Date of Birth: 11/22/90
Occupation: Student
Clubs Represented: NY Challengers, Long Island City HS CC
Current Club: NY Challengers
School Attend: Long Island City HS
Batting And Bowling Style: Right hand batsman, right hand bowler
Best Bowling Performance in a Single Match: 4 for 25 which won my team the game
Highest Individual Inning Score: The best is yet to come just wait and see
Favorite Team: West Indies/Guyana National Squads
Most Admired Cricketer: Ramnaresh Ronnie Sarwan
Best Cricketing Moment: Playing great cricket with players like Steve Massiah and Sudesh Dhaniram
Worst Cricketing Moment: when ever I don’t play to my best
What do you aspire to achieve in cricket?: To improve my game, play at the highest level and also make the NY-U19 and USA Pro
Favorite All-time Movie: Rambo, Rush Hour.
Favorite Food: Guyana cook up rice and fry fish
Favorite Drink: Malta
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